The duck and the Kangaroo class 9 summary

The Duck and the Kangaroo class 9 poem 7 English Beehive summary

The duck and the kangaroo class 9 summary

The duck is awestruck with the impressive abilities of the kangaroo. the duck expresses that the kangaroo has the ability to hop continuously over the fields and water bodies. the ducks believe that its life is boring in comparison to the kangaroo. this is because the duck has to stay in the pond at all times. furthermore, the duck expresses its desire to see the world beyond the confines of the pond. moreover the duck expresses its desire to hop just like the kangaroo is able to.

The duck then makes an important request. this request is to let the kangaroo. give it a ride on its back. furthermore. the duck of the kangaroo in a quiet manner and would just quack all day. moreover the duck lists the places that they would visit and that it would sit quietly and would just quack all day. the duck lists the places it had a desire to visit these places are dee and jelly Bo.Lee the duck also makes an addition that they would hop over the sea as well as the land.

Then came an important reply for the kangaroo. the kangaroo replies that it will need to think it over. the idea could be good for him but the kangaroo made an objection. moreover this objection was that the duck had wet and cold feet. due to this, the kangaroo had a fear that it can get body pains.

The duck said that it had a solution as it thought over it by sitting on the rocks during the day to avoid that, the duck bought four pairs of worsted socks fitted its web and shaped feet well. moreover for the purpose of staying. the duck would cigar every day and wear a shrug. most noteworthy, the duck would undertake all these measures in order to ensure the protection of its beloved kangaroo.

There. was satisfaction from the kangaroo with the response of the duck. consequently. it gave its consent to give a ride to the duck with the arrival of the night-time there was pale light of the moon filling up the sky. finally the kangaroo and the duck began their trip with a hop. the kangaroo told duck to hold it firmly during the travel. moreover duck and kangaroo travelled together around the world. what’s more, they travelled around the world three times. furthermore both of them were happy in each other’s company.


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