about us


Hello friends, my name is Janu and I love to read and write, due to which I started this blog and thought that the knowledge that I have and to be given to people too, I am good I have graduated and due to which I have studied and I have a lot of knowledge of writing, I have done my 12 classes from a government school, which I completed in 2018, so I have a lot of knowledge in studies and I want to give this knowledge to people so that people can move forward


  1. book Reading
  2. dancing
  3. cricket
  4. travelling

Why did i start this blog

Friends, I have started this blog so that whatever information will be given to people in knowledge fair and people can easily get online with them, online is the center of a lot of easy and good education where people get any type of information easily. So out of this, I have created these blogs looking at the education system so that children and people can easily study online, so that the future of our country will improve and the country will be ahead. Children, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. will be made, thank you