About us

About us

why did I start this blog ?

In today’s time education has become very Important In. view of this, I have started this blog and on this blog I will get the notes of class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, students of all these students provide. if any child’s facing any problem related to my article. then he can tell me in the comment box.

who handle’s this blog ?

I only see this blog completely and i have written all the articles written on it and i want the children to read and move forward. that’s why i keep bringing new information. I keep sharing with the children and I wish that I have been giving such information and educating the children and writing articles in it everyday.

How much traffic is there on my blog now ?

Right now there is less traffic on this blog of mine because this is my side, it is not there at all, it’s been a few days sonce the score has been 1 year. I hope that as it gets older. more traffic will come on it and side of the garden and neither do i want this. this is one of the reason I started this blog.

where do I live ?

I am a resident of Delhi. I was born in Delhi and I love Delhi very much because i learned many things from Delhi. he grew up in Delhi, he studied in Delhi. I have done all my schooling from Delhi only and i have studied from government school. I have seen that there are many types of things inside Delhi and In Delhi itself, Delhi is a brand in itself, Delhi is a very big country. Delhi is a brand in itself,. so i am associated with Delhi .i like Delhi a lot, so my office is also from delhi.

Some famous places to visit in Delhi.

  1. Red fort
  2. clock tower.
  3. Lotus temple
  4. Akshardham temple.
  5. Zoo
  6. Science Museum.

so these are all the famous places of Delhi that you can visit if you ever come here. like clock tower lotus temple , this is a very wonderful places and you will not belived it. if you go here. you will feel very good because i have been here. i am a resident of Delhi. I know all these places very well and have been here many times. very nice place.

About us

what work do I do now

At this time my graduation is complete and after graduation i have started doing a job which is inside amazon. we need such a part time job that we take care of our expenses and at the same time we give money to some family memeners. then whatever other money I get from part time job, I share it with my blog. i also spend what I write articles on this blog and also spend that money for my expenses and secondly I give at home, so at present I am doing part time job in Amazon is a very big company. if yes then there are many job opportunities in it, but I do a field work in it.field boy.