report writing -[CBSE]-class 11 and, 12, format important topics examples and marking scheme

report writing class 12

meaning of report:-

A report is a form of communication in which some information is conveyed , usually in writing to someone who wants it. the form of report has to be such that person receiving it can drew the required information from the report quickly and easily . a report can be of many kinds, e.g. reporting news / events / messages / experiences / experiments / meetings / interviews / business

marking scheme:-

  • format:-(1) mark
  • content:-(4) mark
  • expression:-(5) mark

format of report ;


by: (writer name)

date and place


important topics for report:-

  • CBSE science exhibition
  • car rams into truck
  • the international book fair
  • mushrooming of health clubs
  • the CBSE quiz content
  • the first aid training programme
  • the new school laboratory
  • a fire accident
  • funds for computer library


QUES:1 you are rahul, the head boy of creative public school , delhi recently your school hosted the regional level CBSE science exhibition. write a report of this events for your school newsletter in 150-200 words/


march 16:. a regional level CBSE science exhibition was held at the town hall in the first week of this month. it was hosted by our school . Dr, L.k jha , the eminent physicist of the city inaugurated the exhibition. various schools of the region displayed their exhibits in this exhibitions. there was an exhibit which showed the use of biogas in village another exhibit showed how rainwater cab be preserved to overcome the scarcity of water. there was also an exhibit which showed how solar energy cab be used to produce electricity I liked most the exhibit by ABC senior secondary school they had made a small model of an automobile which ran on water. this could prove as a lasting solution to the problem of pollution and ever-rising petroleum prices.

contributed by :


head boy

creative public school

delhi .

QUES:2 as you were driving back home from work , you were witness to an accident between a maruti car and a truck . the driver of the car was seriously injured .there was confusion and chaos prevailing on the road describe the scene in 150-200 words . you are sameer / samikha


while coming home from school yesterday, i saw a dreadful accident between a maruti car and a truck. the car belonged to mr, gupta a well-known businessman of the city. he was going with his wife and two daughters and the car was being driven by their driver , kalyan singh suddenly ,a little boy came running across the road. in his attempt to save the boy , the driver at once turned his car to the right .a truck loaded with bricks was coming from the opposite side at full speed the car crashed head-on with the truck the car driver was seriously injured . the other occupants of the car were also injured but not so seriously . there was a scene of utter confusion and chaos on the road traffic got help up on both sides of the road the crowd started abusing the truck driver , but mr, gupta pacified them he said that it was none of the truck driver’s fault , luckily , a police patrol van was passing that way,,they at once managed to send the injured to a hospital they also helped to revive the traffic that had been help up

reported by:-


report writing class 12 (

QUES:3 the international book fair was inaugurated by the chairman of children’s book trust , Dr, kumar . the theme this year was . Illustrated works for children . you are akshay / akanksha, a class XI students of A.K international school, mathura . you visited the fair and were impressed with the range of books on display . write a factual description in -150-200 words ,


the international book fair was organised this year in the town hall of the city from 17th to 24th of september . it was inaugurated by Dr, kumar , this chairman of children’s book trust . the theme of the fair this year was : Illustrated works for children . publishes from all over the world display their publications on almost all aspects and subjects related to school -going children . the fair attracted a large number of students, parents and other book -lovers in order to make the fair attractive , especially for students , different competition were held on on each day of the fair , students from many schools took part in these competition . prizes were given to the winners in painting cursive writing and intelligence tests science , maths and general knowledge . the fair was a great success in so far as it aroused the interest of the students to read good and useful books,

contributed by:’

Akanksha mehta

class XI

QUES:4 you are rajan / leela, you have observed that health clubs and beauty parlours are mushrooming everywhere. , recently . the residents of your colony had a seminar on this subject wherein people talked about the growing awareness of health and beauty. write a report in 150-200 words for publication in a magazine.


new Delhi : 24 feb .20–

one can see health clubs and beauty parlours in every part of a city or town these days. even in small village , there can be found one or two this mushrooming of health clubs and beauty parlours has made on thing very clear. it is that the young men and women of today have become very conscious of their health and physical , look there is another point that can be noticed health clubs are not visited by men alone, there are health clubs for ladies also, and beauty parlour are frequented by men too, the residents of malviya nagar recently held a seminar on this new trend there a very lively discussion most., of the speakers found nothing wrong in this new trend, but to devote all one’s time and energy to this only is not a desirable thing . the inner , moral mental and spirritual development needs an equal consideration ,

contributed by :*-*


QUES:5 you were a member of your school quiz team which won the CBSE quiz content at the national level. draft a report about it to be published in your school magazine in 150-200 words. you are rajan / rajni


a national level quiz content was held by the CBSE on the 15th of october, 20–a team , consisting of two members , from our school took part in this content . it was a very interesting content in which twenty other team from all over india took part . the content was held on a knockout system in which our team was lucky enough to each the finals, our opponents in the finals were a very strong team but we outsmarted them in the final decisive rounds, they were leading by 20 points at the end of the third round. but in the fourth and fifth rounds, we had a sort of walkover since our opponents in their over -enthusiasm gave almost all their answers wrong. we won the content by a comfortable margin of 8 points. the glittering trophy now adorn the princepal’s office,


(one of the two participants)

QUES:6 you have received training in first aid, as a member of the red cross society of your school prepare a report to be published in your school magazine in 150-200 words, sigh as sagar / saakshi


a training programme in first aid was organised by the red cross society of our school all the members of the society , including myself , attended this programme that was spread over a period of ten days, lectures were held in the morning and practical demonstrations were held in the afternoon we were told all about the value of first aid and how it should be given in different situation , we were told the kind of first aid that could be given in the case of electric shocks , burns fractures snakebites , sprains dislocation , eyes injured , etc, we were told that the first aid of first aid is to save life, the second aim is to prevent the person’s condition from worsening . the third aim is to help in the person’s recovery . st the end of the training period , each participant felt himself better equipped to help victims of accidents or sudden illness,



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