speech writing class 11 -[CBSE]-format , examples important topics and marking scheme

speech writing class 11

meaning of speech:- a speech is a formal talk on some subject that a person give to an audience

marking scheme:.





important topics for speeches,

1.stop crowding hamirpur

2.cancer—a silent killer

3.promotion of tourism

4.atithi devo bhava

5.road safety for schoolchildren

6.why have a school uniform

7.television —a blessing

8.prevention of thefts

9. smoking ——a silent killer

10.the generation gap

format of beginning lines:

opening lines:–-respected principal ,teacher’s and my dear friends today I (your name)-stand before you all to speak on the topic——–

QUES1:l rosa nair, a student of S.D public school , hamirpur (h,p), has to take part in a declamation contest on the topics “stop crowding hamirpur .during the last decade, it has grown from a lovely green hill station into a heavily -populated industrial town / write rosa’s speech in 150-200 words,


dear friends.

it is very disheartening that our lovely town of hamirpur has become heavily-populated just in a decade. the number of industrial units has gone up considerably .due to the growth of population our streets buses and markets remain overcrowded. some very urgent and immdediate steps are needed to save this ugly situation . all factories that cause pollution should be shifted to a suitable place outside the city the public transport system should be developed to as to minimise the use of private vehicles, wasteful use of water should be stopped at once, trees should be planted all over the town . it should be made a punishable offence to cut down any tree in the town people should be made aware of their social responsibilities.

thank you.

speech delivered by —

Rosa nair

QUES:2 you are Raman / Raveena . you have been asked to deliver a speech on ‘cancer—a silent killer , on world health day. write the speech in 150-200 words


dear friends ,

there are chemicals in the body that control the growth and repair of cells in our body in cancer. this control system breaks down, and millions of unwanted cells are produced if they cannot be destroyed . they may take over vital organs such as the brain lungs and liver they can stop their normal working resulting in the person’s death the use of tobacco in any form has been seen as the biggest cause of cancer considering the steady growth of this disease . it becomes the duty of the government to take steps for it control and treatment. thanks to the advancements made in medical science , many people who get cancer can now be completely cured ,

thank you

speech delivered by—


QUES:3 you are subhash / mira. you have noticed that the number of tourists to your town has fallen in the past few years, you have been asked to write a speech on ‘ promotion of tourism to be delivered on the ‘ world tourism day, at school


dear friends,

tourism can prove a big source of income for a state or country . it can also help to promote national and international understanding . so all responsible governments in the present -day world realized the value of promoting travel and tourism but unhappily, the number of tourism to our town has fallen in the last few years, we shall have to analyse its causes and think of the ways to remove those causes we shall have to create congenial conditions to attract tourism from all walk of life, the tourism department has made some ambitious plans for this purpose .it has been planned to develop a wildlife park and a big amusement park in the city, with these new features, the tourism inflow will certainly get a big boost.

thank you.

speech prepared by —


speech writing class 11

QUES:4 delhi hosted the commonwealth games. 2010. you as a student, want to make delhi a better city to that the foreign delegates enjoy being in your city and take back pleasant memories of their stay in the city, prepare ab speech , encouraging your schoolmates to follow certain guidelines for the event ,


dear friends

we are not what we say of ourselves. we are what others say. of us we are always judged by our behaviour towards others . whether we are loved or despised depends on our social behaviour we, are respected in direct proportion to the respect we hold for others therefore , in order to earn a good name for ourselves we ought to be intrinsically nice and good, we indian are known for our hospitality , we welcome our guests with a smile and love to serve them with all our heats atithi devo bhava is in old sanskrit saying . it means that the guests is a god” and ought to be served as we would serve god . but recently , there have been incidents when foreigners were duped , robbed and even raped , such incidents are a blot on the fair

thank you

speech by delivered by


speech writing class 11

QUES:5 all the school in your city are celebrating the road safety week , you being the head boy / head girl of your school, have been asked to deliver a short speech on the subject of road safety for schoolchildren . write your speech in 150-200 word,


dear friends ,

we all use the roads daily in our life, but many a time , we forget to follow the rules of the road , we do so in our carelessness or in our hurry . it result in serious accidents in which limbs are broken or even lives are lost. we must analyse the causes of these accidents and think of the steps by which these accidents can be checked . first of all , children must be taught the rules of the road . they should be taught to follow these rules strictly whenever they are using a road. these rules are equally important for pedestrains , cyclists motorcyclists and auto -drivers .the wearing of helmets and safety bets should be made a habit, we should not wear them simply to escape from being caught by the traffic police, we should wear them as a safeguard to our own life and limb.

thank you

speech written by–

Radhika (head girl)


(speech means to convince people on any one of the party cooler topic and to tell their goodness about their evils when we give speech first we have to welcome people )


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