article writing class11[CBSE]-format important topics and marking scheme

article writing class11

meaning: an article is a piece of writing about a particular subject and is usually meant to be published in a newspaper or magazine

marking scheme

objective: to use a style appropriate to the given situation to plan, organise and present ideas coherently

format: title/heading and name of writer—(1)


expression: grammatical accuracy appropriate words and correct spelling —(5)

important topics for article driving

2.the car craze and pollution in the lap of nature

4.aping the western culture

5.physical fitness of school students

6.entrance examinations

7.neglect of sports

8.the hazards of mobile phones

9.the craze for professional course

10.rubuidiong a new and clean India

article writing class11


QUES:1 vaibhav / vibha asher is quite concerned about the increasing incidents of deaths and accidents caused due to road rage, he / she decides to write an article on the need for people to control their anger and inculcate the habit of disciplined driving write vaibhav ‘s / vibha,s article in 150-200 words,


with the increase in population , the volume of traffic is naturally increasing , everybody seems to be in a hurry due to overspeeding , there has been a great increase in accidents, people have now become less tolerant they lack self, discipline a driver with a bigger vehicle takes is as a challenge if someone with a smaller one overtakes him in hot countries like India , people are prone to have a hot temper and then there is another reason, there are no stringent penalties for those who break the traffic rules, in the absence of severe pentalties , people ignore traffic rules at their will., the cure of each ill lies in removing the causes . therefore, we should avoid road rage and be disciplined motorists , we should know the traffic rules and be courteous to fellow drivers if we have an appointment, we should start well in time we shouldn’t carry stress while driving,

contributed by,:vaibhav

QUES:2 owning a car has become a status symbol these days, however , the increase in the number of cars has added to various types of pollution and other problems . write an article in 150-200 words highlighting the urgent need for reducing these man-made problems, giving suitable suggestions, you are vinod, / vimla,


there is no doubt that the standard of living has improved greatly .people are now far better off than they were some years ago, they are now able to enjoy even the luxuries of life , there are many things which people don’t actually need to have . yet they go in for such things .cars and cell phones are two such things , there is no harm in having a thing if one can afford to have it, but one must think before having a thing if it can harm oneself or, others cars are one such thing having a car has yet they would have one to show off, this craze has led to a serious problem, it has added to the degree of pollution in the air, the car -owners forget that with every new car, they are harming their own health as well as that of others the poisonous fumes from the exhausts of their cars cause many fatal diseases there is another problem caused by the increased number of cars, they have made our roads and streets very congested it has become a problem to find spaces for their parking even people must think over it and put a check over their harmful craze of owning cars,

contributed by: vimla.

QUES;3, you are abc of class XII , recently , you spent a week in a rural setting near cochin, kerala you enjoyed your stay write an article describing the joy of living in the lap of nature.


recently, I spent a week in a rural setting near cochin which is in the state of kerala I had gone there at the invitation of one of my acquaintances it was a tiny village near the seashore. living here was a unique experience for me it was like living in the lap of nature the rural setting of this place had a charm of its own the tall palm trees growing all around , the pleasant breeze coming from the sea, the fishermen singing joyfully while going to the sea, the village children building castles in the sand the rising of the sun in the morning and its going down in the seas in the west –all these scenes and sights had a charm of their own, the speed and dexterity with which the cocount-pickers would go up a palm tree, was a sight to watch nature, everywhere seemed to be at her best, life here seemed to go at a leisurely pace. there was a no trace of any hurry or worry on any face, there was joy everywhere and I drank of it on my heart’s content these beautiful sights of nature gave me joy not only during the days of my stay among them , but also gave a store of joy for future use, now i can drew from this store whenever i sit alone and think of those pleasing sights,

contributed by: abc, class XII

QUES:4 you are abc of class XI write an article on the blind aping of western culture by the younger


it is now more than sixty years when the british left our country and we became a free nation but sadly , the west still dominates our way of life and thinking the younger generation apes everything that is typical of the western culture /they ape their fashions in dress, their music dances and even their habits food. by doing so ,they think they can give an impression of being modern .but to me the fact is quite the opposite by aping western culture they do nothing but give an impression of being thick -headed clowns, they have gone so crazy for the western styles that they have forgotten all about the valentine’s day they would hardly ever visit a temple, but would never miss visiting a bar or coffee house. they prefer fast and junk foods to the fresh and pure foods cooked at home, helos, and byes have taken the place of respectful namasteys in the winds the younger generation must remember that the sun (the symbol of all lights and knowledge ) rises in the east and sets in the west

contributed by: abc,class XI