CBSE class 12 English letter writing business complaint editor letters

class 12 for business / official latters

A letter is a form of written communication

letters are of two types–Formal and informal

Formal letter include
  • business or official letters ( for making enquiries , registering complaints, asking for end giving information , placing / cancelling orders and sending replies).
  • letters to the editor (giving suggestions or opinion on issue of public interest )
  • letters to concerned authorities regarding civic problems.
  • application for job,
Distribution of marks:-

Format:-sender’s address . date Receiver’s designation and address, subject , salutation,

complimentary close, sender’s name 1 mark

content:- 3 mark

Expression:- grammatical accuracy appropriate words and spelling 1 mark

coherence and relevance of ideas 1 mark

points to Remembers
  • start each new line from left hand margin
  • sequence of writing in a letter

(I) sender’s address

(II) date

(III) Receiver’s address

(IV) salutation”: / madam

(V) subject content of the letter.

  • 3–4 paras
  • para I– introductory
  • para II and III–main ideas
  • para IV–complementary close.

(a) To the principal: yours obediently

(b) To the employer / editor your sincerely.

(c) To the dealer / business vendor: your truly.

  • coherence and organisation of ideas
  • think and analyse the subject / topic
  • Recall all the ideas and put them on a rough sheet while brainstorming
  • organise the ideas

(A) for making enquiry

Example1; you are Rajni / Rahul , living at E-95, sector–12, dwarka. you read an advertisement about short term course in computer programming by zee computer world , pitampura, Delhi, write a letter seeking all relevant details the course,



sector-12, dwarka

12 july 2018


Zee computer world,

pitampura, Delhi

subject: Enquiry about short term computer course.


I have seen your advertisement about computer programming course which appeared in the hindu dated 7 july 2018. prima facie it appears to be appealing and interesting , I have passed my senior secondary exam with 85% marks, I want to join this programme but before that, I would like to know the following details of the programme, :

  1. duration of the course
  2. Timing and fee structure
  3. Eligibility criteria of the course
  4. No. of students in a batch
  5. facility of evening or part time batches
  6. whether recognised by any university or not
  7. facility for transport
  8. future prospect of the course,

please send me a copy of prospectus as i am sending a self addressed envelope with this letter, send me the information at the earliset .

yours sincerely.

Rajni / Rahul

(B) for Registering complaints.

complaints about defective items

Example2: you are neha / naresh G-5 sunder apartment, Rohini. you bought a LED TV from sargram electronics , pitampura . write a complaint letter for its non–functioning to the sales manager seeking immediate replacement or repair,


G-5, sunder apartment,


18 may, 2018

the sales manager

sargram electronics

pitampura , Delhi

subject: complaint of defective LED TV.


I had purchased an LED TV 32 inches of sony company last month. its cash memo no is 1192 date 15–4-2018, I have purchased it on your recommendation of it being the best brand under LED’s you assured me of its superior quality and functioning . Till 8 may its service was satisfactory . thereafter it started creating problems, the pictures start flickering on the screen, small lines appear and picture becomes hazy .lrritable noise comes from TV whenever we switch it on.

you have given two years warranty on this set. it is not possible to bear with it for a long time i. request you to either replace it immediately or send your mechanic for its repair as early as possible.

your truly.

Neha / Naresh


these letters given suggestions / create awareness on an issue of public interest or an issue already raised in an article / write up.

points to Remember.
  • draw the attention of the concerned authorities / general public towards the problem, NOT the editor.
  • Request the concerned authorities to take the action NOT to the editor, it is not a direct request
  • while. dealing with social / civic problems provide suggestions to curb or control it in the end,
  • Raise the issue by citing some latest news / items / survey report / personal experience etc,
  • Analyse the issue. in terms of its causes and consequences,
  • conclusion to be positive , straightforward with pleasant tone and use of polite language,

Example3: you are Rekha / Rakesh , a student of bharti public school class XII. the students are required to cope up with a lot of stress in todays’ competitive environment . write a letter to the editor highlighting increasing stress faced by students and suggestion ways and means to combat it.


Bharti public school,


6 july 2018

the Editor

Time Times of India

bahadur shah zafah marg

new Delhi–110002

subject: problem of increasing stress faced by students


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper i would like to express my views on the problems of increasing stress among the students due to highly competitive environment . Today’s world is full of competition every now and then a child is assessed on different parameters, parents expect a lot from their children. they want their children to excel in all the fields such as studies, sports and co–curricular activities, everyone wants their children to be doctor or an engineer, the results is that children are unduly stressed and bursened all day long they are indulged in completing their homework and studies and no time is left for games, and sports .

it is high time we should ponder upon this problem,. students should be involved in games, sports and yoga to combat stress, parents should not pressurise their children for performing excellently in studies, meditation can be practised for keeping stress at bay.

yours truly,

Rekha / Rakesh


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