speech writing class-12-[CBSE]-format examples, marking scheme

speech writing class 12

what is speech?

A speech is a formal talk or discourse delivered to an audience to express thought / opinion over a particular subject. matter, it reflects of thoughts and accuracy of tests in a balanced manner. the phrases information used should be contemporary , with accurate date, motivational words and phrases,

Distribution of marks.

  1. Format—-1 mark
  2. content—4 mark
  3. Expression-4 marks

further birfucation of expression;

(i) grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings–2.5 marks

(ii) coherence and relevance of ideas and style– 2.5 marks


(i) greeting / salutation / addressing the audience

(ii) self introduction (name and designation) and introduction of the topic

(iii) content–

a. facts abut the topic-cause and effects of the issue

b.data and examples / real input

c. conclusion by giving suggestions

(iv) thanks giving to the audience –thank you’

point to Remember;

  • part I– introduction–define the topic
  • part II –analyse the topic in terms of issue and its causes, consequences and effects, etc,
  • part III–conclusion –suggestions, remedial measures and steps for improvement.
  • make value points and develop them into paragraphs maintaining a logical order.
  • try to make a rough draft first,
  • mind the word limit.

how to begin a speech?

begin with greeting / salutation and by addressing the audience


Honourable principal, teachers and ,my dear friends

welcome to all in this healthy and joyous morning

I—(Name)—–of class XII wish to speak on some very important topic of ————————

style 2.

good morning to all,

I———-(name)———-present my views on———please listen and try adopting in your life


dear audience

Good morning to all

style 4 .

Honourable principal., teachers, and all my dear friends I am ——(name)——

it is a great honour for me to deliver a speech on the topic————–

style 5.

Respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends I am —–(name)——

it’s a matter of great privilege for me to deliver a speech on the topic———

how to End / conclude?

therefore in the end, I would like to end my speech by strongly supporting the idea that————

Thanks giving —

thanks all for being so generous to listen to my views so attentively and patiently.


Delhi’s pollution—-A major concern

Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends

Good morning to all.

I am abinav sharma of class XII A, it’s a matter of great privilege for me to deliver a speech on the topic delhi’s pollution—A major concern

in may, 2014 word health organization declared new delhi as the most polluted city of the world, delhi’s pollution has been e great concern over the year, Environmental problems in delhi are a big threat to delhi’s inhabitants and to the flora and fauna as well . the city suffers from air pollution , caused by road dust and the gases emitted by vehicles and industries . the growth in the number of vehicles in delhi’s is very high and unexpected , more than 1000 new vehicles are coming on the roads of delhi every day. .

another reason for city pollution is it’s industries . there are over 25 industrial areas in delhi’s small scale industries and heavy industries throw 3000 ton pollutants into the air, out of which 13% of air pollution is caused by thermal power plants, most of the small scale industries do not have waste treatment plants, as a result they directly throw their liquid waste into the river yamuna contaminating its water. these industries release toxic elements which cause ground water contamination small, hospitals and private nursing homes, to some extent are also responsible for delhi’s pollution they are mushrooming day by day, small hospitals and private nursing homes do to have arrangements to treat hospital waste and it is thrown in the open air causing air pollution.

there should be a certain policy for afforestation, atmospheric pollution, biomedical waste, domestic refuse and water and sewage treatment. an action plan is needed in order to encourage public participation in environmental problems, odd and even number formula can play an important role curb the pollution from the capital city of india.

Thank you.


underage Driving : A Road to Disaster

Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, A very good morning to all, of you Today I am here to present my views on the topic underage driving is a road to disaster. for school students , it is fun and fashion to zip on a high–powered motor bike to school for their status conscious parents, it is a matter of pride , but little do they realise that it is a tragedy waiting to happen a few days ago, two boys were returning from their classes with another friend on a two-wheeler , they lost control and rammed into a lamp post nearby . the two boys died on the spot, while their friend was batting for life in the hospital.

minors driving to school , youngsters from wealthy families often take out their parents. car for a drive, a visit to any of the popular urban school would reveal that almost 90 percent of the senior students use two–wheeler to commute to school, children of this age are restless, impatient and have a shorter attention courtesy their hormones, they drive fast , rash and honk wildly . their reflexes are not as sharp as the reflexes of the adults, and when required to react, fast they bungle, they are unable to control the speeding vehicles in case of emergencies and it leads to is accidents,

checking of driving license should be done stringently , it’s time for parents, students institution and traffic department to realise that unrestricted under age driving by school students is a road to disaster .


  1. you are Ravi kishan / Radhika / Head boy / girl of your school. you feel concerned about increasing complaints of bullying in the school . you decided to deliver a speech on his issue in the morning assembly write a speech in 150–200 words on bullying should be stopped
  2. drains nearby your school are choked due to plastic / polythene bags making water stagnant. As. a result mosquitoes are breeding there. as an alert citizen you decided to make new generation aware. about this issue, write a speech in 150–200 words on hazardous consequences of using plastic polythene bags”

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  1. you are Ravi kishan / Radhika / Head boy / girl of your school. you feel concerned about increasing complaints of bullying in the school . you decided to deliver a speech on his issue in the morning assembly write a speech in 150–200 words on bullying should be stopped.

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