notice writing class 12 CBSE , format important topics and examples,

Notice writing class 12 [CBSE] , format, examples, Important Topics what is notice? A notice is a medium to convey a message to masses together at the same time, Distribution of mark Format: name of the institution, ..notice , title , date writer’s name (1 mark) content: what , when , where how, who, (2 … Read more

poster writing CBSE class 12 format, examples and important topics

poster writing class 12 CBSE format example solutions Poster writing class 12 what is a poster? posters is are a medium of presenting information in a visually attractive and appealing manner. A poster is used to spread awareness regarding social, issue an event or a product, Distribution of Marks Format —1 mark Content–1 mark Expression … Read more

CBSE debate writing class 12 format examples and marking scheme

debate writing class 12 [CBSE] , format & Examples, DEBATE A debate is the formal discussion or argument on a particular matter delivered in favour of or against a subject in a disciplined strong, convincing and refuting manner, Distribution of marks Format– 1 mark Content- 4 mark Expression- 5 mark Further Birfucation of Expression Grammatical … Read more

CBSE class 12 English letter writing business complaint editor letters

class 12 for business / official latters A letter is a form of written communication letters are of two types–Formal and informal Formal letter include business or official letters ( for making enquiries , registering complaints, asking for end giving information , placing / cancelling orders and sending replies). letters to the editor (giving suggestions … Read more

speech writing class-12-[CBSE]-format examples, marking scheme

speech writing class 12 what is speech? A speech is a formal talk or discourse delivered to an audience to express thought / opinion over a particular subject. matter, it reflects of thoughts and accuracy of tests in a balanced manner. the phrases information used should be contemporary , with accurate date, motivational words and … Read more