CBSE debate writing class 12 format Examples and marking scheme

Debate writing class 12 [CBSE] format & Examples

Debate class 12 Intoduction

In Class 12, debates are often an integral part of the curriculum, offering students the opportunity to engage in structured and informed discussions on various topics. These debates aim to enhance critical thinking, communication skills, and the ability to present and defend arguments effectively. They encourage students to research, form their opinions, and engage in respectful discourse. Debates can cover a wide range of subjects, from current affairs and social issues to literary themes and scientific concepts. Participation in debates is not only an educational exercise but also a valuable life skill that equips students with the ability to articulate and advocate for their viewpoints in a persuasive manner.


A debate is the formal discussion or argument on a particular matter delivered in favour of or against a subject in a disciplined strong, convincing and refuting manner,

Distribution of marks
  • Format– 1 mark
  • Content- 4 mark
  • Expression- 5 mark

Further Birfucation of Expression

Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings — 2.5

Coherence and relevance of ideas and style– 2.5

Debate class 12 Format


  1. greeting / salutation / addressing the audience
  2. Introduction of the topic–for or Against
  1. facts about the topic–cause and effects of the issue
  2. date and examples / real input
  3. contradiction to opponent’s views- to oppose the opponent’s statement
  4. conclusion by giving own views

Complimentary close

Debate class 12 How to begin a debate

debate class 12 Points to Remember

  • Introduction–define the topic
  • analyse the issue / topics / subject in terms of issue and its causes consequences and effects etc,
  • speak in favour or against the motion
  • support you argument with strong statements
  • give some facts in support of your view
  • use powerful expression like

-I’d like to argue——————————

-at this point I differ from my worthy opponents ———

-may I ask a very genuine questions from my opponent why / how ——–

— I totally disagree with my opponent——

  • conclusion —suggestion , remedial measures and steps for improvement
  • make value points and develop them into paragraphs maintaining a logical order,
  • Try to make a rough draft first
  • mind the word limit,
  • adopt argumentative style while writing a debate .
  • clear agreement or disagreement to be expressed
  • word limit 150–200 words

Dear audience, welcome to all in this healthy and joyous morning,


Respected judges, principal , teachers and friends, I am going to present views for / against the motion—–


Respected chair person, members of jury, worthy opponent myself–(name)—-of class XII is going to speak against / for the motion on the topic———–


Honourable judges and my dear friends, Today i stand before you to express my views in Favour or against the motion—————–

how to end a debate?

Therefore in the end I, would like to end my debate by strongly supporting / opposing the idea of ————————–

Thank you

Debate class 12 Examples

Example: 1 you are ashish / Ashna of D.A.V, public school, Rohtak , you have observed that tuition centres are mushrooming at a high rate these days, they charge very high fee and assure the students of better marks and seats, in professional colleges, almost all the students of secondary, / Sr, secondary join tuition centres or coaching centres, write a debate in around 150-200 words either in favour of or against the topic are” tuition or coaching centres, a Necessity for students”?


Value points,

FavourTuition or coaching centres are a Necessity for students,

I para: begin with honourable judges and my dear friends, . I stand before you to express my views for / against the motion tuition or coaching centres are a necessity for students, ?

For / Favour

coaching centres / tuition centres a necessary evil,

  • age of tough competition
  • getting admission in prestigious college a status symbol
  • more number of students but less no of seats
  • parents not updated with the changing trends,
  • don’t have time mostly working parents, not expert in all subjects
  • all coaching centres take this benefits
  • employ subject expert / expert faculty members,
  • easily approachable
  • give additional examination tips
  • more over result oriented teaching
  • though these centres charge high fess, keep tining of their own choice , have large group to teach, students bunk their school yet, these desperately required by the students for their careers, Thanks,

Debate: Against the motion of topics tuition / coaching centres a Necessity for students,

  • Disagree that these centres are a necessity for students, Though these days trends towards these centres students find it a status symbol to attach with prestigious coaching centres, ,
  • parent pay high fess-become over burdened -always in pressure
  • students have no time to relax, recreate themselves
  • run to and from tuition
  • no time to revise the course content
  • become sandwich between school and coaching centres
  • sometime get result below their expectation
  • become depressed commit suicide
  • develop inferiority complex if parents are incapable of playing fees of these centres,

According to me ban these centres, schools should hold extra–classes -provide coaching to prepare for competitive exams,

  • NO extra fee for as public / private schools already charge heavy, fees,
  • In government schools administrative department should appoint subject experts to prepare students for competitive tests-coaching should be given after the school is over.
  • students will be happy, relaxed more time to study and prepare for exams-bunking of school-parents less burdened .



favour: Honourble jury members, teachers and my dear friends, A very good morning to all of you. Today I am here to present my view in favour of the motion’ are old age homes necessary? in today’s world old age homes are necessary especially in india parents, educate their children and then they travel to different places and countries which may not suit their parents, are good they, want to allow them to go for good positions around the world, parents can’t go with them as the climate any not be suitable for them to live in good conditions, they are ready to pay amount for their welfare,

old age homes supply a number of needs to old people, first among these, is security both financially , physically and medically , though not necessarily in that order, in today’s world people are very busy due to various reasons the main one being money-making or work . there are some people who only care. about money and think their parent as a burden . some people are forced to be involved in money making for their living, even if they wish , to it’s difficult look after their parents, in both cases the children abandon them in such a situation the old age homes play an important role, if elders are kept here they will have regular medical check-ups and a time their own , people can play, interact and relax at the same, time, not necessary you just leave them there and don’t even bother to visit them, children often have the facilities to visit their parent or grandparents or any relative in the old age homes i feel we need old age homes to give some people shelter and to others the time of their lives,

Thank you

Against: Honourable jury members , teachers and ,my dear friends . A very good morning to all you. Today i am here present my view against the motion are old age homes necessary? we must care for parents who cared for us they have spent their whole life time for us and its our responsibility to care for them in turn, we care now busy in work and at high position because of them if they hadn’t spent money or us we couldn’t have this life now. if we care for our parents now them only our children will care for us,

they cared for us we should take care them, they are the ones who will never leave, us I am really against the idea of leaving our parents in old age, home as, now they have grow up and have brought us to this stage now it’s our time to take care of them most of the persons leave their parents as they are illiterate or they think that they will not be able to move ahead in proper attention and medical treatment, they will not get the same mental peace and emotional satisfaction they get in their house, they will find it harder to bothered to leave their own house, premises

Thank you

Example:3 Should standardized testing be the primary method of assessing students’ academic abilities?

For the Motion:

  • Standardized tests provide a fair and uniform way to evaluate students across different schools and regions.
  • They are cost-effective and efficient, allowing for easy comparison of academic performance.
  • Standardized testing can help identify areas where students may need additional support or resources.

Against the Motion:

  • Standardized testing can create unnecessary stress and pressure on students, leading to negative mental health outcomes.
  • These tests may not accurately reflect a student’s true abilities, as they focus on rote memorization and test-taking skills.
  • They can perpetuate inequality, as students from disadvantaged backgrounds may not have equal access to test preparation resources.

Example:4 Is social media more of a boon or a bane for society?”

For the Motion:

  • Social media has transformed communication and connectivity, enabling people to stay connected across the globe.
  • It provides a platform for self-expression, empowerment, and raising social awareness.
  • Social media can be a powerful tool for education, business promotion, and social change

Against the Motion:

  • Social media can be addictive, leading to decreased productivity and mental health issues.
  • It has been associated with cyberbullying, privacy violations, and the spread of misinformation.
  • Excessive use of social media may lead to reduced face-to-face interactions and social disconnection.

Example:5 Should there be a universal basic income (UBI) for all citizens?”

For the Motion:

  • UBI can reduce poverty, provide financial security, and ensure basic needs are met for all citizens.
  • It simplifies the social welfare system, reducing administrative costs and bureaucracy.
  • UBI can stimulate economic growth by boosting consumer spending and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Against the Motion:

  • Implementing UBI could lead to increased taxes and potential inflation.
  • There’s a risk that people may become complacent and less motivated to work if they receive a guaranteed income.
  • The cost of funding UBI may be unsustainable for governments in the long term

Example:6 “Is technology making us more isolated and less human?”

For the Motion:

  • Technology can lead to increased screen time, reducing face-to-face social interactions.
  • The prevalence of online communication can hinder the development of essential social skills.
  • It can create a sense of isolation and disconnection from the real world

Against the Motion:

  • Technology has facilitated global connections and enhanced communication in various forms.
  • It has enabled remote work, education, and telemedicine, making life more convenient.
  • Technology can foster human connections through social media, video calls, and online communities.


In summary, Class 12 debates enhance critical thinking, communication, and teamwork, equipping students with essential life skills.


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