The invisible man novel-[CBSE]- class-12 all characters are analysis

all characters of the novel the invisible man class 12

characters Analysis

  1. Mrs. Hall
  2. Mr.hall
  3. Mr, cuss
  4. Colonel Adye
  5. vicar bunting
  6. bobby jaffers
  7. costume shop owner
  8. Teddy Henfrey
  9. fearenside
  10. Marvel
  11. Griffin
  12. Dr. kemp


  • jenny. hall , the wife of Mr. hall is the owner coach and horses Inn.
  • hospital, considerate . down to earth woman.
  • pays personal attention to her guests
  • modest and devoted gave her hundred percent care to the stranger when he came to her Inn.
  • Domineering wife , friendly with villagers.
  • good manager
  • greedy


  • george hall, the husband of Mrs, hall is the co-owner of the coach and horses Inn.
  • lazy by nature, leaves the Inn to the care of his wife.
  • good natured , extremely sociable
  • co-operative with wife
  • has a habit of drinking
  • when a dog bites griffin , george hall follows him to see if the was all right but he was shocked to see a handless arm waving towards, him


  • Dr, cuss is a doctor from Iping village
  • his interest was aroused on the report of bandaged stranger and thousand and one bottles.
  • went to meet stranger under the pretence of asking donations, but was scared
  • Alongwith. bunting , tried to investigate the papers, diaries of the stranger.

4.Colonel Adye

  • colonel adye is the law-abiding chief of police in the town of port burdock
  • Brave police officer.
  • Reaches at kemp’s house when the invisible man went to kemp’s house
  • mostly follows kemp’s suggestions
  • judiciously plans the campaign against the invisible man.
  • In the end shot by the invisible man with kemp’s revolver.

5.Vicar Bunting

  • Mr.Bunting was the esteemed vicar of Iping village.
  • Brave man, At the time of burglary in the vicarage he exhibited courage in place of panic.
  • Tried his best to located and capture tresspasser
  • Accompanied cuss to investigate coded books of Griffin
  • Man of religion, responsible member of society

6.Bobby jaffers

  • constable of the Iping village
  • Man with serious intents.
  • he comes forth to arrest headless Griffin with devotion commitment and sincerity
  • he had absolute confidence in his ability to arrest any criminal however powerful, visible or not visible

7.Costume shop owner

  • The owner of the costume shop is alert and his sharp ears.
  • Even a little sound cannot escape his sense of hearing.
  • when the invisible man enters his shop very quietly, he got the feeling
  • Finding no one. does not go lethargic
  • very protective of his property
  • Repeated noise made him furious, he is ready with pistol to face any eventuality

8.Teddy henfrey

  • Interesting character
  • A clock jobber
  • Regular visitor at coach and Horses. Inn
  • Takes long time on purpose
  • Curious and interested in stranger
  • he is of the opinion that stranger is either some mad scientist or some criminal wanted by police
  • he is a gossip monger and shares his views with everyone who is ready to listen


  • A cartsman who delivers luggage from the station whenever he is needed.
  • he is suspicious about the stranger staying at the coach and horses.
  • owns a dog.
  • His dog bites the stranger and he notices darkness through a torn part where there should be pink flesh and starts the story of Griffin being either a black man or a piebald.


  • A short, fat tramp poor homeless jobless wanderer , sported shabby, old fashioned clothes and thrive on charity
  • he is lazy and did not show any intention to work hard
  • his cowardice did not let him defy Griffin’s commands.
  • Assisted Griffin much against him on wish
  • Marvel was more of a slave that an accomplice in crime
  • he never revealed to anyone that he three books of Griffin were in his possession.
  • he exhibits his keen business acumen by wisely investing Griffin’s money to open an Inn
  • earned well by selling his experience with the invisible man.


  • main character of the novel, gifted young scientist
  • shifted his interest from medicine to physics
  • Extremely obsessed with his experience
  • facinated by the phenomenon of invisibility
  • very secretive by nature
  • writes the books in codes
  • hides the secret of his success from his professor
  • unsociable person having no regard for the people and their affection
  • Revengeful. violent, criminal minded
  • Robbed his own father and does not feel guilty or sad when his father committed suicide
  • wanted to rule the world and unleash a reign of terror.
  • Employs Marvel for his services but illtreats him;
  • was ready to kill his old friend Dr. kemp who gave him food and shelter.
  • meets a tragic end.


  • Dr. kemp is a scientists living in the town of port burdock.
  • Tall and slender, has flaxen hair with white moustache.
  • self-centered, industrious, ambitious , wants fellowshiop of Royal society
  • law abiding person. maintained his sense of maturity.
  • informs local police about Griffin’s plan to create a reign of terror’
  • Advices adye to use glass powder on the roads since griffin is barefoot.
  • puts his own life in jeopardy when griffin chases him.

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