The browning version class 11 chapter 6 summary

The Browning version class 11 summary

Introduction:” The chapter is an Extract from the play the browning version written by Terence Rattigan it is a one act play set in a British school having Taplow (a 16, year old student ) Frank (a young Teacher ), Mr Crocker harris (a middle aged teacher ), and millie (Mrs, Crocker harris ) as the main characters

Description” In the beginning Taplow has been waiting for Mr, Crocker harris who has not yet arrived In the mean time he meets Frank and starts conversing with him frank Enquires him about the reason of coming to the school Taplow replies that he has come to do some extra works at the orders of his master ,mr harris and he hopes to get the remove (passing certificate ) if he satisfies his master well he tells frank that his master does not tell the result till the last moment he is the only one who follows this rule Taplow hopes to opt for science in the next term if his result is favourable he remarks the book Agamenon written by Aeschylus as muck but frank does not seen to agree, it is clear from their conversation that Taplow does not like his master he often calls him, the Crock shorts form of Crocodile he imitates his master’s voice in front of frank he says that his master is hardly a human he has no feelings he is a strange person Taplow tells frank about the incident to making a joke in the class by Crocker harris he tells nobody laughed but he did out of politeness to his master frank seen to encourage taplow ‘s comments On Crocker harris suddenly millie enters she tells taplow that her husband will not come for sometime she says that he can go if he wants to go but taplow refuses to go then millie sends him to the Chemist shop to bring medicine for her the play ends as Taplow goes towards the door,

Conclusion” This play actually presents the relationship between a students and a teacher based on the themes of Robert Browning ‘s writing it Expreses On ironcal situation where on one side the student dislikes his master on the other hand shows care and dedication towards his teacher also


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