The browning version class 11 book Hornbill chapter 6 Most important MCQ’s Question and answers

The Browning version class 11 Most important MCQ’s Question and answers

Question:1 who has written the browning version?

  1. Terence Rattigan
  2. Mr Edgar, s woolard
  3. Mr, lester brown
  4. kushwant singh

Answer:(1) Terrence Rattigan

Question:2 who are the three main character of the play the browning version?

  1. Taplow, Alice and Mr, Harrow
  2. Taplow, frank and Mrs, Harris
  3. Taplow, frank and , mr Crocker–harris
  4. Alice, frank and Mr Crocker–harris

Answer:(3) Taplow ,frank and , Mr Crocker–harris

Question:3 what is the age of Taplow ?

  1. Fourteen
  2. sixteen
  3. twenty
  4. five

Answer:(2) sixteen

Question:4 what does frank do?

  1. student
  2. Teacher
  3. Principal
  4. Parent

Answer:(2) Teacher

Question;5 who is Mr, Crocker-harris

  1. Principal
  2. parent
  3. schoolmaster
  4. None of these

Answer:(3) schoolmaster

Question:6 where is the starting scene of the play set?

  1. classroom
  2. playground
  3. staff room
  4. auditorium

Answer:(1) classroom

Question 7 what was Taplow doing on the last days of school?

  1. Extra work
  2. Time pass
  3. Can’t say
  4. homework

Answer:(1) Extra work

Question:8 In which class does Taplow study?

  1. Lower fifth
  2. Upper seventh
  3. upper fifth
  4. lower tenth

Answer:(1) lower fifth

Question:9 why does Taplow have to do extra work ?

  1. because he had missed class the previous week due to illness
  2. because he didn’t preform well in his studies
  3. because he had to help his teacher
  4. because he was called by his teacher

Answer:(1) because he had missed class the previous week due to illness

Question:10 why does Taplow want science as a remove?

  1. because he has no other option
  2. because he friend the subject extremely interesting
  3. because he is confused
  4. Can’t say

Answer:(2) because he friend the subject extremely interesting

Question:11 why did Taplow call Mr, Crocker harris hardly human?

  1. because he is a sadist
  2. he is all shrivelled up
  3. he is very rude to everyone
  4. he friends peace in failing students

Answer:(2) he is all shrivelled up

Question:12 what book was Taplow reading?

  1. French Revolution
  2. The Agamenon
  3. Julius caesar
  4. Romeo juliet

Answer:(2) The Agamenon

Question:13 At what time was Mr, harris supposed to come to school?

  1. six-thirty
  2. seven
  3. Eleven –fifteen
  4. twelve

Answer:(1) six-thirty

Question:14 why was Frank jealous of Mr, Crocker harris?

  1. because of the effect that he had on students
  2. because of his fame
  3. because he was a senior schoolmaster
  4. because he was paid well

Answer:(1) because of the effect that he on students

Question;15 with what short name does Taplow call Mr, Crocker -harris in his absence?

  1. Crock
  2. Harris
  3. Crocker
  4. Teacher

Answer:(1) Crock

Question:16 how had Taplow reached when Mr, Crocker harris had Crocked a joke in the class?

  1. he laughed
  2. he ignored it
  3. he asked him what it meant
  4. he did not react

Answer:(1) he laughed

Question:17 what is the name of Mr, Crocker harris wife?

  1. Millie Crocker-harris
  2. milliey Crocker -harris
  3. haley Crocker-harris
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) Millie Crocker-Harris

Question:18 when did Mr Crocker-harris enter the classroom?

  1. when Taplow and frank were discussing Mr, harris
  2. when no one was in the classroom
  3. when Mr, Crocker-harris entered
  4. when only Taplow was present in the classroom

Answer:(1) when Taplow and frank were discussing Mr, harris

Question:19 how would you describe millie Crocker-Harris ?

  1. Thin woman, late thirties smartly dressed
  2. fat woman, early forties clumsy
  3. thin woman, in her twenties looked aged
  4. thin woman grey, hair shabbily dresses

Answer:(1) Thin woman late thirties smartly dressed

Question:20 who said the lines, come along Taplow do not be so selfish as to keep a good joke to yourself?

  1. Crocker-harris
  2. Millie harris
  3. frank
  4. all of them

Answer:(3) Frank


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