Summary of Childhood class 11

Childhood class 11 book Hornbill poem summary

Introduction: it is a very beautiful poem written by markus Natten the poet in his poem, wonders when he has last his Childhood and where it has gone

Description, In the beginning he associates the losing of Childhood with his age says he might have lost it when he Closed the age of eleven Again he Correlates this loss with the fact of gaining wisdom he says that he might have lost it when he come to know hell and Heaven are not real things because they cannot be located Geographically Further the poet wonders if he has lost it when he came to know that the adults were not as they seemed to be they talked and preached for love but did not act lovingly he says that he might have lost it when he started taking his own decision he became independent In the end the poet wonders his Childhood has gone he thinks that it has gone and hidden in some infants face it means seeing an infants face makes him realise his own Childhood

Conclusion: Briefly the poem highlights the fact of losing innocence in the journey of Growing up


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