The Adventure class 11 chapter 7 Important Question and answers

The Adventure class 11 chapter 7 Important Question and answers

Understanding the text

I. Tick the statements that are true’

  1. The story is an account of real events” (wrong )
  2. The story hinges on a particular historical event (Right )
  3. Rajendra Deshpande was a historian (Wrong )
  4. The places mentioned in the story are all imaginary (wrong )
  5. The story tries to relate history to science (Right )

II.Briefly Explain the following statements from the text

Question”1 You neither travelled to the past nor the future you were in the Present experiencing a different world

Answer” This statements was said by Rajendra Deshpande to professor Gaitonde he made a transition from one world to another and back again in this transition he experienced two world although one at a time he neither travelled to the past nor the future he was in the present all the time

Question”2 you have passed through a Fantastic experience or more correctly a catastrophic experience “

Answer” This statement was said by Rajendra Deshpande to professor Gaintonde he was thinking about catastrophe theory when he met the accident his mind Jumped on to another world when he was in coma for two days he experienced an alternate world having many things which were contradictory to the real world and its things for Example” Maratha ‘s won the battle of panipat by his experience but actually they were defeated so he passed a catastrophic experience

Question”3 Gangadhar pant could not help comparing the country he knew with what he was witnessing around him

Answer” Gangadhar pant had witnessed two different facts of history he found that Maratha had won the battle of panipat, although they were defeated in reality and this event was the turning point of India’s fate the result of that battle was that India was free and self-reliant when he compared two different facts of the same country he liked the different version of India more

Question”4 The lack of Determinism in quantum theory”

Answer” if someone fires a bullet from a gun in a given direction at a given speed one knows where it will be at later time but someone cannot make such an assertion for the electron because the electron may be here there anywhere this inability of the science to know where the electron would be is the lack of determinism in quantum theory this happened with professor Gaintonde as he experienced two different set of history,

Question”5 You need some interaction to cause a transition”

Answer” Professor Gaintonde made interaction to cause a transition which had happened because of the interaction happening in the professor’s mind at the time of collision he was thinking about catastrophe theory and its role in the battle and possible consequences of panipat if Maratha were won when collision took place the interaction in his brain acted as a trigger to cause transition”

(The Adventure class 11 Question and answers)

Talking about the text

I. Discuss the following statements in groups of two pairs each pair in a group opposite point of view

Question”1 A single event may change the course of the history of a nation


A single event may change the course of the history of a nation take the case of the battle of panipat fought between Maratha and Abdali if Maratha had it would have led to a different shape of India people were no longer slaves under the British and India would be self-relian and have self-respect

Against :” It is very difficult to believe that a single event can change the course of the history of a nation it is true that maratha ‘s defeat had severe consequences to the progress of India severe also true that there were other factors too, which made us slaves Divide and rule of British contribute to subjugation of India

Question”2 Reality is what directly experienced through the senses

Answer” For:” Senses provide the facts about the world we live in only sense are able to decipher between real imaginary facts knowledge and experienced are directly come through our sense Gangadhar pant experienced the facts through his mind and not his sense when he was in coma

Against:” The mind works differently it is not necessary that what we see may not be the true in reality sometimes the reality is experienced through indirect instruments also we can predict the direction of the fired bullet but we cannot predict the same thing about electrons

Question”3 The methods of inquiry of history, science and philosophy are similar.

Answer” For:” The methods of inquiry of history science and philosophy are similar in the sense that all three deals with reality, in this story also professor Gaintonde experienced a different set of events and reality into different worlds and later. it was explained by Rajendra Deshphande through catastrophe theory and quantum theory

Against:” It is not accurate to say that all the three are similar history a set of events happened in the past that do not need why and how this happened Philosophy is about idealism and speculation while science is based on exact facts testing and principles thus it is clear that methods of inquiry of history science and philosophy are different

Question”4 The story is called the adventure” compare it with the adventure described in “we re not afraid to Die…

Answer” The story we are not Afraid to Die.. is” about the adventure that was experienced in a real life situation when the captain his family and two crewmen faced the challenge to keep them alive in adverse weather , On the other hand the Adventure” experienced Gangadhar pant was imaginary he made a transition into the new world after a collision he travelled the world though his mind when he was unconscious

Question”5 why do you think Professor Gaitonde decided never to preside over meetings again?”

Answer” Professor gaitonde decided never to preside over meetings again because when he was in different world he experienced humiliation from the audience trying to preside over the empty chair in to ongoing lecture crowd threw many objects at him and physically ejected from the stage

(The Adventure class 11 Question and answers)

Thinking about language

Question”1 In which language do you think Gangadhar pant and khan sahub talked to each other? what language did Gangadhar pant use to talk to the English receptionist”

Answer” I think Gangadhar pant and khan sahib talked in the mixture of Hindi and Urdu, I think Gangadhar pant spoke in English to the English receptionist

Question”2 In which language do you think Bhausahebanchi Bakhar was writte?

Answer” I think it was Written in Marathi’

Question”3 There is mention of three communities in the story ” the Maratha the mughals the Anglo-Indians which language do you think they use within their communities and while speaking to the other groups?

Answer” I think the Marathas spoke Marathi the Mughals spoke Persian and the Aglo- Indian spoke English within their communities they used Hindustani or urdu while speaking to other communities

Question”4 Do you thing that the ruled always about the language of the ruler?

Answer” A partially agree with the statements as it is not possible for all the people to learn the language of their rulers but some people do adopt or learn their language

Working with words

Question”1 Tick the item closet in the meaning to the following phrases:”


  1. To take issue with
  2. To accept
  3. To discuss
  4. To disagree (Right )
  5. To add

Question”2 To give vent to


  1. To Express (Right )
  2. To emphasis
  3. suppress
  4. Dismiss

Question”3 To stand on one’s feet


  1. To be physically strong
  2. to be independent ( Right)
  3. To stand erect
  4. to be successful

Question “4 To be wound up


  1. To become active
  2. To stop operating (Right)
  3. To be transformed
  4. To be destroyed

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