Two Stories about Flying English first Flight class 10 summary

Two Stories about Flying His first Flight class 10 summary

Two Stories about Flying summary

His First Flight “by Liam O” Flaherty is a true parable about overcoming fears in life Every journey of a thousands miles begins with but a single step but that single step is the most difficult one to make conquer the fear and venture forth, and we realize that we were born with wings

The young seagull called of fly

The Young seagull was alone on his ledge his two brothers and his sisters had already flown away when he wanted to fly’ he could not do so he was very much afraid of lying therefore he failed to gather up the courage to fly he was really very said his father and mother came near him they called him to fly they even rebuked him they threatened that if he did not fly he would die of hunger there but he could not even move

The Young seagull can’t fly

That was twenty four hours ago since then no one had come near him he had watched his parents brothers and sisters flying his parents had been perfecting his brothers and sister how to dive for fish on their own they called him to fly but he could not heat increases the sun was rising in the sky he felt the heat because he had not eaten since the previous nightfall

Mother reaches near him with food

The seagull closed his eyes standing on one leg he had the other leg hidden under his writing he pretended to sleep but his parents didn’t took at him however his mothers was looking at him he saw her tears at a his mother replied in a sound looked at him his mother picked a piece of the fish she flew across to him with it he leaned out tapping the rock with his feet his mother flew across trying to get nearer to him the sight of food made him mad as he was very hungry but he could not get at it ,

Dives for food

The seagull waited a moment in surprise he wondered why his mother did not come nearer he was so mad with hunger that he dived at the fish he fell outwards with a scream and downwards into space his mother had swooped upwards as he passed beneath her he heard the swish of her wings

Flight begins

Then a great fear caught him his heart stood still he could hear nothing but it only lasted a moment the next moment he felt his wings spread outwards he felt the wind rushed against his breast feathers then it rushed under his stomach and against his wings he was downwards and upwards he was longer afraid he could fly on his own

Summary of class 10 English First Flight
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