Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English Snapshots Most Important MCQ’s Question and answer

Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English Snapshots Most Important MCQ’s Question and answer

Check the below NCERT MCQ’s Questions for class 11 English book Snapshots chapter 5 Mother’s day with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. we have provided The mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English MCQ’s Questions with Answers to help class 11 students understand the concept very well

Question”1 what message does the author of mother’s day try to convey ?

  1. To appreciate wives / mother’s for their work
  2. To work hard for your mother
  3. To spend time with family
  4. To respect everyone

Question”2 Mrs. Fitzgerald asks Mrs. Pearson to be ……………. with her family .

  1. rude
  2. polite
  3. ignorant
  4. firm

Question”3 How does the author describe Mrs. Fitzgerald ?

  1. worried looking
  2. sinister looking
  3. has a deep voice
  4. both a and c

Question”4 Mrs. Fitzgerald is a …………….. of Mrs. Pearson.

  1. relative
  2. neighbhour
  3. maid
  4. None of the above

Question”5 It’s wonderful having a real ……………… living next door ”

  1. doctor
  2. writer
  3. fortune -teller
  4. chef

Question”6 where did Mrs. Fitzgerald learn to predict the future ?

  1. The west
  2. The East
  3. The middle-East
  4. Not mentioned in the play

Question”7 How does Mrs. Pearson describe her family members ?

  1. Thoughtless and selfish
  2. Pleasant and helpful
  3. Hardworking
  4. Mindful

Question”8 In what endeavour does Mrs. Fitzgerald help Mrs. pearson?

  1. To see her future
  2. To make her family treat her well
  3. To run errands for her
  4. None of the above

Question”9 How would you described Mrs. Pearson ?

  1. Dominating
  2. Considerate
  3. Complicant
  4. both b and c

Question”10 How does Mrs. Fitzgerald plan to help Mrs. Pearson?

  1. by talking to Mrs. Pearson’s family
  2. by listening to Mrs. pearson’s rants
  3. by swapping personalities with Mrs. pearson
  4. both a and b

Question”11 Mrs. Pearson was …………. about Mrs. Fitzgerald ‘s plan

  1. Excited
  2. Hesitant
  3. sure
  4. envious

Question”12 what is the first thing that Dorris does as soon as she enters the house ?

  1. asks her mother to give her tea
  2. asks her mother to cook something for her
  3. asks her mother about her day
  4. asks her mother to iron her yellow silk

Question”13 what makes Dorris astounded as soon as she enters the house ?

  1. The sight of her mother smoking
  2. because the tea was not ready
  3. because her mother was not there
  4. None of the above

Question”14 where was Dorris headed for the night ?

  1. she had to work overtime
  2. she was going out with Charlie spence
  3. she was going for her friend’s birthday
  4. she had some appointment

Question”15 Buck teeth and half-witted ” who has been described here ?

  1. Cyril Pearson
  2. George Pearson
  3. Charlie spence
  4. Mrs. Fitzgerald

Question”16 what were the Changes” that Mrs. Pearson referred to Cyril ?

  1. Change in the way she is treated by the family
  2. change in her daily routine
  3. change related to her work
  4. all of the above

Question”17 why was Dorris red-eyed ?

  1. because of an infection
  2. because of a fight
  3. because of crying
  4. because she was getting ready to head out

Question”18 well, she’s suddenly all different” who said this and for whom ?

  1. Cyril for Dorris
  2. Dorris for her mother
  3. Cyril for his mother
  4. George for Dorris

Question”19 How does the author describe George Pearson?

  1. Pompous
  2. Solemn
  3. Fifty-ish
  4. all of the above

Question”20 what was George’s reaction when he saw his wife drinking stout during daytime ?

  1. He did not like it
  2. He did not mind
  3. He accompanied her
  4. He ignored her

Question”21 Mrs. Pearson tells George that he is being …………… at the club

  1. respected
  2. laughed upon
  3. called names
  4. both b and c

Question”22 what does ‘ stout’ mean as used in the chapter ?

  1. fat
  2. kind of a bear
  3. kind of beer
  4. brave

Question”23 It’s that silly old bag from next door -Mrs. Fitzgerald ” who said this ?

  1. Dorris
  2. Cyril
  3. George
  4. Mrs. Pearson

Question”24 what does George Mean when he says we’re at sixes and sevens here ?

  1. In a state of Confusion and disorder
  2. playing a cricket match
  3. In a middle of taking a decision
  4. at a restaurant

Question”25 when do Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald get back to their Original selves ?

  1. when Mrs. Pearson’s family gets to know about them
  2. when they both get bored
  3. when the situation goes out of hand
  4. None of the above

Question”26 what Dorris astounded as soon as she enters the house ?

  1. Because her mother was not there
  2. The sight of her mother smoking
  3. because the tea was not ready
  4. None of the above

Question”27 According to Mrs. Pearson’ where Cyril been wasting his time and money ?

  1. Races
  2. Ice shows
  3. Both at Races and Ice shows
  4. Clubbing

Question”28 The attitude of Mrs. Pearson’s family changes towards her comment

  1. Not clear from the story
  2. Maybe
  3. No
  4. Yes

Question”29 what does Mrs. Pearson suggest them to do for that night ?

  1. Getting the supper ready
  2. both family game of rummy and get supper ready
  3. family game of rummy
  4. None of the above

Question”30 who is the write of the play ” Mother’s day ?

  1. A.J Cornin
  2. Patrick Pringle
  3. William wordworth
  4. J.B Priestley


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