Ranga’s ,Marriage class 11 chapter 3 English snapshots Question and answers

Ranga’s ,Marriage class 11 chapter 3 English snapshots Question and answers

Ranga’s Marriage class 11 chapter 3 Question and answers NCERT solution for class 11 Question and answers were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Ranga’s Marriage Question and answers for class 11 really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts

(Reading with Insight)

Question”1 Comment on the Influence of English-the language and the way of life -on Indian life as reflected in the story. what is the narrator’s attitude to English ?

Answer” The story’ Ranga’s Marriage is set in a village Hosahali, which was in the erstwhile mysore state. In those days, there were very few people in Hosahali who knew English. like today, even during those days. English occupied a very prominent place in the hearts and the minds of people.

The village accountant mustered enough courage to send his son, Ranga to bengaluru for higher studies. when Ranga retuned home, it became almost a festive occassion for the entire village people had a lot of respect for Ranga because he knew English,

which was a very precious commodity, but very few people in the village knew. English Even a simple word in English like change’ was not heard of when Rama Rao’s son uses this word, even the narrator could not understand. he had to ask Ranga the Meaning of the word. the author, in his narrator shows that he has a asserts that learning a foreign’ language or knowing. it need not affect our tradition and culture. this is evident by the emphasis on Ranga wearing the scared thread and doing’ Namaskar’s to the elders.

Question”2 Astrologer’s perceptions are based more on hearsay and conjecture than what they learn from the study of the stars. Comment with reference to the story.

Answer” In today’s India and India of yersteryears, there is not much of a difference as far as the belief in astrology is concerned. people believed in astrologers then and now. what we do not understand is that no one can predict God’s design. the astrologers like shastri, themselves do not really know the correct calculations of these predictions are based upon the

Information supplied earlier by someone . in the story, Ranga’s marriage, the shastri is very well tutored by the narrator in advance . he tells Ranga exactly the same thing what the narrator asks. him he pretends to do all the calculations and moves his lips but these are all pretentions.

Question”3 India society has moved a long way from the way the marraige is arranged in the story. discuss.

Answer” In the story Ranga’s Marriage’ the entire process of choosing a bride for Ranga is based upon the system. which was followed long back in our country. now the scenario had changed completely. Rarely marraiges happen at a young age. people have become conscious about the fact that if the marriage has to last, a certain sense of maturity is required and this maturity can be obtained through education only. when the boys and the girls decide to get married.

They always make a conscious decision. now a-days in india, marriages take place after the parents and the society so not approve but the Indian law supports this decision. in the story, Ranga’s marriage, the initiative for Ranga and Ratna’s wedding was take by the narrator. however, these days, we see a lot of changes taking place as far the marriage scenario is concerned in India.

Question”4 what Kind of a Person do you think the narrator is ?

Answer” shyama, a person who is too attached to his soil and his village, is the narrator of Ranga’s marriage. According to the story, he is a very simple and kind hearted person. he seems to have a lot of admiration for his village and knows the smallest tit-bits about his place. the narrator seems to have a clever perception and is a good judge of people. he realises that Ranga is a good groom for Ratna. he then wastes no time and does everything for their marriage to be solemnised. his efforts culminate in a happy ending, for which he earns a lot of respect. this is evident when Ratna and Ranga name their son after him.

Ranga’s Marriage class 11 Extra Question and answers

Question”1 what kind of a person do you think the narrator is ?

Answer” The narrator, shyama was an old man who lived in the village. he was a gentleman could judge the character of a person. he believed in simplicity culture and traditions, and disappointed by the usage of England words while talking in Kannada.

he was a supporter of arranged marriage. he knew Ranga’s nature and that Ratna would be a perfect partner for him. he persuaded the astrologer to speak as he tutored him, and succeeded to get them marraied. he was a funny, humorous but clever man.

Question”2 How Does the narrator described Hosahali village?

Answer” Hosahali is the village of the narrator in erstwhile mysore state. there is no mention of it in geography books written by the sahibs in England or India writers. the narrator says that the village is as important as the Karigadabu sweet.

Question”3 write the two special things found in Hosahali village.

Answer” Two special things found in Hosahali village are the raw mango and the creeper. the sourness of the mango is such that it goes straight to the Brahmarandhra. the other is the creeper growing in the village pond. its flowers are a feast to behold. you can serve afternoon meal to the whole family on its two leaves.

Question”4 why were the people of the village curious to see Ranga?

Answer” The people of the village were curious to see Ranga because Ranga was the first one to go to Bangalore for his education and his homecoming was celebrated and people flocked to witness the change, ten years of Bangalore, brought in him.

Question”5 why did the narrator impress by Ranga in the first meeting ?

Answer” when the narrator met to Ranga, he did a namaskara respectfully, saying’ I am all right with your blessings’ his namaskara was traditional and respectful, unlike the modem practice. he bent low to touch the narrator’s feet .this impressed the narrator.

Question”6 The narrator used the expression’ back hole of Calcutta, why ?

Answer” During the British rule, hundreds of soldier and people were kept inside a small dungeon. most of them were found dead due to suffocation when the villagers got the news of Ranga’s homecoming, they rushed to his doorstep in a large number.so the narrator used the expression’ black hole of calcutta’ to compare he scene.

Question”7 what did Ranga say about Marriage ?

Answer” Ranga said that he would marry a girl who would be mature enough in her thoughts and works, he says a man should marry a girl he admires.

Question”8 why was the narrator upset to hear about Ranga’s marriage plans ?

Answer” The narrator was upset to hear about Ranga’s marriage plans because he wanted Ranga to get married to Rama Rao’s niece Ratna . she was eleven years old. but after hearing the Ranga’s view about marriage that he would marry a mature girl, the narrator got upset.

Question”9 How did the narrator plan for Ranga to have glimpse of Ratna?

Answer” The narrator asked Rama Rao’s wife to send Ratna at his house to fetch some buttermilk. then he requested Ratna to sing a song when she reached at his house. by the time the narrator had sent for Ranga. when Ranga came, he heard the Melodious sound and peeped inside to see the singer. Ratna knew his presence and abruptly stopped singing.

Ranga’s Marriage class 11 Long Question and answer

Question”1 Write a brief note on the ending of the story Ranga’s Marriage’

Answer” The ending the story is superb. like all the tales of romance where the hero and heroine are finally united. the caption .. and they lived happily ever after’ is usually displayed. the writer goes here one step further. he presents Ranga as a happily married husband. a proud father and a good member of the joint family. he has a three year old son, a golden child, whom he had named shyam’ after the

narrator to express. his love and gratitude to the elderly person. we also learn that Ratna is about to deliver another child and Ranga’s sister has come there with his mother. they will not only look after household affairs but Ratna as well.

The scene of a toddler putting his arms round the legs of an elder and the latter kissing him on his cheek and placing a ring on his tiny little finger as a birthday gift present a lovely emotional scene full of tender affection and love. what a happy ending.

Question”2 Comment on the title of the story’ Ranga’s Marriage,

Answer” The title of the story is quite appropriate and suggestive. it at once sums up the theme of the story. the whole story has one central issue Ranga’s marraige. it begins with Ranga’s refusal to marry just then and ends with his blissful married life.

All the incidents. contribute to the central theme the writer has presented the working of a young educated India’s mind and heart. he is easily Influenced by the English way of life and customs. he wants to adopt them in his own life as well. the narrator who is well-wishes takes deep interest in him and takes active steps to wean Ranga away from the fantasy of love-marriage. by arousing his interest and fascination in a young gil, Ratna he makes Ranga agree to marry her. thus Ranga’s one condition for marriage is fulfilled -he knows the girl and loves her. she does not fulfil the other condition of being a mature girl in twenties-she is just eleven at that time.


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