Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 English snapshots Question and Answer

Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 English snapshots Question and Answer

Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 Question and Answer NCERT solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts

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Question”1 what do you understand of Einstein’s nature from his conversations with his history teacher, his mathematics teacher and the head teacher?

Answer” Einstein’s behavior seemed to be extremely unruly. he didn’t believe in the then prevailing system of education one. he found memorising facts and dates quite useless. Ideas lured him more than facts because of which he had a heated argument on education with his history teacher. he was so restless and indifferent to the importance of attending school that he didn’t mind not attending it at all. from his

Conversation with the Maths teacher. we come to know that he was a student who actually had some interest in mathematics, that being the only class in which he paid a lot of attention and never wasted his time. he wasn’t open and outright in front of his mathematics teacher. his behavior had turned mild before his teacher. which showed his level of respect and obediance for elders, later when he confronts the headmaster, we find him defensive at the beginning and carefree at the end of the meeting.

Question”2 The school system often curbs individual talents, discuss.

Answer” School nowadays is about Memorizing a bunch of facts and spitting them back out a test or exam. there is no learning involved, just Memorization. students should be taught things of importance. the grading system is messed up too. how can you grade something on creativity? you can’t Albert Einstein said Everyone’s a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid’

Question”3 How do you distinguish between information gathering and insight formation?

Answer” Information gathering refers to collection of data and facts. it means knowledge of specific events or situations that has been gathered or received by communication. Insight formation, on the other hand, refers to the perception one has of things through his deep understanding of a subject. Insight refers to the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation . thus it might differ from person to person, depending on everyone’s ideas and concepts.

Albert Einstein at school class 11 Extra Question and Answer

Question”1 who was Mr. Braun and what did he ask to Einstein?

Answer” Mr. Braun was Einstein’s history teacher. he asked about the year when the Prussians defeated the french at waterloo.

Question”2 why was Mr. Braun speechless for a few moments?

Answer” Mr. Braun was speechless to hear the reply of Einstein that he did not see only point in learning the dates of the battles that could be seen in the books.

Question”3 what did the history teacher say to Einstein with sarcasm?

Answer” The history teacher said that perhaps Einstein would tell the class the Einstein theory of Education.

Question”4 what was Einstein’s view about education?

Answer” Einstein’s view was that it was not facts but ideas that matter. he would be interested in learning why those soldiers were trying to kill each other instead of who killed more.

Question”5 what was the Punishment given by the history teacher to albert Einstein for not answering his question?

Answer” The history teacher asked him to stay in for an extra period that day.

Question”6 Do you think Albert Einstein misbehaved with the history teacher?

Answer” I think Einstein did not misbehave with the history teacher. I Instead, he expressed his thinking about education, and the history teacher should have considered Einstein’s views in place of being annoyed.

Question”7 why did Albert feel miserable when he left school that day?

Answer” Albert felt miserable when he left school that day because he had to go back to the hateful place the next morning.

Question”8 why did going back to his lodging not cheer him up ?

Answer” Going back to his lodging did not cheer him up because he hated the atmosphere of slum violence. his landlady beat her children regularly, and every Saturday her husband came drunk and beat her.

Question”9 who is Yuri? how did he help Albert’s?

Answer” Yuri was a senior student from medical stream who knew many medical students. he helped Albert Einstein to meet Dr. Ernst weil who issued a medical certificate of nervous breakdown to Einstein.

Question”10 who was Ernst weil ? how did he helped Albert ?

Answer” Ernst Weil was a doctor who has qualified as a doctor recently. he was a wise and sympathetic man. he certified that Albert had a nervous breakdown and he needed to stay away from school for six months.

Question”11 How was the medical certificate going to help Albert according to Yuri?

Answer” According to yuri, Albert would get six months, leave without actually leaving the school. so if the worst comes, he would be able to come back and carry on for his diploma.

Question”12 How did Albert hope to get admission to an Italian college without a diploma from the German school?

Answer” Albert hoped that his mathematics teacher would give the reference about his work, he had learnt all the maths that was taught at school and a bit more. he hoped that this reference would help him to get admission to an Italian college without a diploma from the German school.

Question”13 How did Albert Express his resentment for the school and the teacher?

Answer” Albert left the school without turning his head to give it a last look. he could not think of anyone he wanted to say goodbye to he even ignored the last words of the head teacher.

Albert Einstein at school class 11 Short Question and Answer

Question”1 when was Albert Einstein born?

Answer” Albert Einstein was born in 1879

Question”2 who is Albert Einstein ?

Answer” Albert Einstein is regarded as the greatest physicist since Newton.

Question”3 who was Mr Braun?

Answer” Mr Braun was Albert’s history teacher

Question”4 what is Einstein theory of education ?

Answer” Einstein’s theory of education is that it is not facts that matter but ideas.

Question”5 who was Yuri?

Answer” Yuri was Albert’s friend at the school in Munich .

Question”6 who was Elsha ?

Answer” Elsha was Albert cousin.

Question”7 where was Albert a student in a school?

Answer” He was a student in a school in Munich .

Question”8 In which subject was Albert interested from his Childhood ?

Answer” He was Interested in science from his childhood.

Question”9 what did Albert see no point learning ?

Answer” Albert saw no point in learning dates and facts.

Question”10 who was Mr Koch?

Answer” Koch was Albert’s mathematics teacher.

Question”11 why did Albert meet the doctor?

Answer” Albert met the doctor because he wanted to leave the school.

Question”12 why did Albert not like the school in Munich ?

Answer” Albert did not like the school in Munich because he knew that the kind education he was he was boring .

Question”13 who calls Albert the world’s worst liar?

Answer” Yuri calls Albert the world’s worst liar.

Question”14 where did Albert go after learning school in Munich ?

Answer” He went to Milan.


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