Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English snapshots Question and Answer

Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English snapshots Question and Answer

Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 Question and Answer NCERT for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Mother’s day Question and Answer for class 11 really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts

Question”1 This play, written in the 1950s, is a humorous and satirical depiction of the status of the mother in the family.

  1. what are the issues it raises?
  2. Do you think it caricatures these issues or do you think that the problems it raises are genuine? how does the play resolve the issues? do you agree with the resolution?


  1. Mother’s day is a comical satire. the story is a simple one, yet it strongly condemns the position of women in society. our mothers and wives work hard daily. turning our houses into homes. they receive no wages and have no weekends off and work all day long, round the clock. little do we realise the hard work they put in to make it all perfect. we take them for granted and never appreciate them or stop by to drop a word of thanks’ the story very clearly states that our mothers and wives have equal right to relax, enjoy their lives and deserve acknowledgement and appreciation. they sacrifice their whole lives building ours’ husbands stay busy at work and kids are occupied in their own lives. Amidst all this women lose their self trying to contain our world.
  2. The problem that play raises are serious. the treatment is of course comic. in the story the major complaint of Mrs. Pearson is that her family does not spend time with her. the author has tried to highlight the fact that how lonely can a woman feel when all the members of her family leave early morning to work and then return in the evening just to get the supper and then leave again to socialise outside home. they pay her no time or attention. she selflessly makes the home and asks nothing in return. however, little do we realise that they also yearn for company and wish to spend time with their loved ones.

In the play, Mrs Fitzgerald a determined lady who lives in the neighbhourhood and a fortune teller, helped Mrs. Pearson by exchanging body with her and dealt with Mrs. pearson’s family she made the Pearsons understand that Mrs. Pearson is a human after all and that even after working 24×7 she receives no acknowledgement. and appreciation from her family members. she did not prepare the super and did not iron the clothes and made George, Doris and Cyril realise that how dependent they are actually on Mrs. Pearson’s she is the sole pillar who keeps their lives in place and keeps everything ready for them before even they have asked for it.

finally when the three receives such harsh treatment and see Annie sitting back and not doing household chores, they feel helpless and find it all difficult to manage on their own. they realise that their live are absolutely incomplete without Mrs. Pearson

Question”2 if you were to write about these issues today what are some of the incidents, examples and problems that you would think of as relevant ?

Answer” No matter that time has changed and women in today’s society have become confident and aware about their rights. however they still continue to be dominated in conservative societies like ours. Even in western world. one may find many such families. like Pearsons, where the lady of the house. alone managers all for the rest of the members. they work round the clock, doing the house hold chores all by themselves without complaining and do not even receive appreciation. our mothers take little liberty to enjoy or have their own leisure time.

A woman is accepted only in the avtar of a home maker, we never can accept our mothers or wives going out with her friends. we all stereotype a woman as a lady who is going to cook food for us, iron our clothes, sit back at home all day cleaning our room and anxiously waiting for us to return in the evening. we behave as if she can not have a life and is liable for our work. we must always keep it in mind that woman in our house needs our attention and appreciation and we must be greatful to her.

Question”3 Is Drama a good medium for conveying a social message ? Discuss

Answer” Drama or theatre is a perfect media to deliver social messages to the society. now that we are in the digital era, we have various kinds of media, print electronic and cyber. however in the times when there no Tvs, the only media was theatre. media not just reflects the society but also revolutionises the society.jean Genet has made it very clear from his plays that the society dwells on images. hence what we shows affects the society largely. so in, Drama or theatre. when the characters some alive and equivocally make their point in front of the whole society, they raise questions, very strong and vital issues are highlighted, which otherwise remain ignored. people heed to what is displayed and learn and not just and get emotional.

Mother’s day class 11 Short Question and Answers

Question”1 Write the contrasting characteristic of Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Answer” Mrs Pearson is a pleasant but worried-looking woman her forties who speaks in a light, flurried sort of tone. Mrs Fitzgerald is older, heavier and a strong and sinister personality. she is smoking and her voice is deep.

Question”2 what impression do you form Mrs. Pearson?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson is a devoted housewife in her forties she looks after her family without any resentment but her family members ill-treat, neglect and exploit her.

Question”3 How does Mrs. Fitzgerald bring about a change in her personality?

Answer” Mrs. Fitzgerald told Mrs. Pearson to exchange the personality with her so that she could become more assertive and dominating to tackle her family.

Question”4 what fortune does Mrs. Fitzgerald predict for Mrs. Pearson?

Answer” Mrs. Fitzgerald predicts that her fortune may be good or a bad one. it all depends on her own determination and conduct.

Question”5 what problem does Mrs. Pearson face? who is responsible for this?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson faces negligence exploitation, and ill-treatment from her husband and her children. she devotes all her time looking after them with love and affection but they do not reciprocate love. she herself is responsible for this.

Question”6 How do both the ladies exchange their personalities? what is the result?

Answer” Mrs. Fitzgerald muttered the spell grasping Mrs. Pearson’s hand. they went lax as if the life were out of them, then both come to life but with the personality of the other. Each adopted the voice and mannerism of the other. so now Mrs Pearson is bold and dominating and Mrs Fitzgerald is nervous and fluttering.

Question”7 what changes of Mrs. Pearson surprise children and her husband ?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson’s assertive aggressive and dominating nature surprises her children and her husband. she refused to iron the clothes of her daughter and also did not make tea for Cyril. she did not spare her husband and threaten to slap him. she drank stout before him.

Question”8 Describe the character sketch of Doris. how does she trouble her mother?

Answer” Doris is the daughter of Mrs. Pearson in her twenties. she is a pretty but spoilt girl. she asks her mother to fulfil her needs like a servant. she used to behave rudely.

Question”9 How Does Mrs. Pearson Criticise Doris on going on a date with Charlie spence?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson makes fun of Charlie spence by saying that he had buck teeth and is half-witted. she said that she would have found somebody better that Charlie spence or given it up as a bad job.

Question”10 Describe George, what is his attitude towards his wife?

Answer” George is Mrs. Pearson’s husband he is a decent man but solemn, self-important and pompous. he likes to go club and spend most of the time there. George expects his wife to fulfil all her duties towards him without asking for them.

Question”11 what did Mrs. Fitzgerald warm to Mrs. Pearson at last?

Answer” Mrs. Fitzgerald knew the kind, soft and submissive nature of Mrs. Pearson. so she asked her to be dominating and firm with her husband and her children otherwise all the efforts would go in vain.

Question”12 why does Mrs. Pearson threaten to slap her husband ?

Answer” George got annoyed at being humiliated in the presence of his neighbour Mrs. Fitzgerald .hence he lost his control and shouted at his wife. Mrs. Pearson did not bear this and threatened her husband to slap.

Question”13 what change do you notice in Mrs. Pearson’s children and her husband at the end of the play?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson’s children and her husband felt the importance of her and learnt to respect her. they learnt to speak politely and humbly to her. they learnt to share house hold works along with her mother and agreed to make supper while their parents would sit and enjoy their chats.

Mother’s day class 11 Extra Question and Answer

Question”1 How are Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald contrasted?

Answer” The two ladies are sharply Contrasted but Mrs Pearson is a pleasant but worried looking woman in her forties. she speaks in a light flurried sort of tone with a touch of suburban cockney. Mrs Fitzgerald is older, heavier and has a strong and sinister personality. she smokes she has a deep voice, rather Irish tone.

Question”2 I’m much obliged ‘says Mrs. J Pearson. what for does she feel obliged and to whom?

Answer” Mrs. Pearson feels obliged to Mrs Fitzgerald foe telling her fortune. she thinks it quite wonderful having a real fortune teller living next door.

Question”3 what fortune does Mrs Fitzgerald predict for Mrs Pearson?

Answer” Mrs Fitzgerald is quite equivocal in her predictions. she says it could be a good fortune or a bad one. all depends on Mrs Pearson herself now. she asks her to decide firmly her fortune depends on it.

Question”4 what problem does Mrs Pearson face ? who do you think is responsible for this state of affairs?

Answer” Mrs Pearson devotes all her time and energy to serve her husband. son and daughter .these thoughtless and selfish person go out every night to enjoy themselves leaving Mrs Pearson alone at home. she is no better than a servant in her own home Mrs Pearson herself is responsible for the ill-treatment. neglect and lack of concern shown to her.

Question”5 what course of action does Mrs Fitzgerald suggest to Mrs Pearson to tackle the situation?

Answer” Mrs Fitzgerald tells Mrs Pearson to decide firmly and stick to her decision. she must assert her position and become the real mistress of the house. her own initiative can help her. she must let them wait or look after themselves for once.


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