Discovering Tut the saga continues class 11 chapter 3 English Hornbill Question and Answer

Discovering Tut the saga continues class 11 chapter 3 English Hornbill Question and Answer

Discovering Tut the saga continues class 11 chapter 3 Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Discovering Tut the saga continues Question and Answer for class 11 effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts 

Question”1 Forensic reconstruction

Answer” It refers to rebuilding the facts about life and death by putting back together the evidence to examine a crime scientifically. the reconstruction of king Tut’s mummy was done to find solutions to the mysteries surrounding his death.

Question”2 Funerary treasures

Answer” It refers to the valuable and treasures which were buried along with the pharaoh in the pyramid.

Question”3 scudded across

Answer” It refers to moving swiftly from the one place to another. it is used in the chapter to describe the movement of the dark-bellied clouds.

Question”4 Casket grey

Answer” It refers to ash coloured clouds that hit the stars.

Question”5 resurrection

Answer” It refers to rebirth or revival after death.

Question”6 Circumvented

Answer” Outsmarted or outwitted. the thieves would have easily bypassed the guards with artfulness and ripped the mummy apart to remove the gold.

Question”7 Computed tomography

Answer” It refers to CT scan that provides the X-Ray image of a body in across section. it is used for diagnostic purposes.

Question”8 eerie detail

Answer” It refers to detail relating to the supernatural.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Understanding the Text

Question”1 Give reasons for the following”

1 King Tut’s body has been subjected to repeated scrutiny.

Answer” The mummy of king Tutankhamun has earned world wide fame for the riches it was buried with. there is also speculation about the manner of his death and his age at the time of subjected to repeated scrutiny.

2. Howard carter’s investigation was resented.

Answer” Howard Carter’s investigation was resented because the used unscientific methods and illegitmate ways. he was focusing more one treasure and less on cultural and historical aspects.

3. Carter had to chisel away the solidified resins to raise the king’s remains.

Answer” Carter found that the ritual resins had hardened. the result was that Tut’s body had been cemented to the bottom of his solid gold coffin. proper force could not move the resins. Even the scorching sun failed to loosen the resins. so he the resins chilselled away to raise the king’s remains.

4. Tut’s body was buried along with gilded treasures.

Answer” The people of ancient Egypt believed in resurrection of the death. their kings were extremely rich. so Tut’s body was buried with gilded treasures. their eternal brilliance was meant to guarantee resurrection. things of everyday use were also buried with the king.

5. The boy king changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun.

Answer” Tutankhaten means’ living image of Amun’ he was a major god in ancient Egypt. king Amenhotep IV who changed his name to Akhonaten smashed the images of Amun and got his temples closed. Tut oversaw a restoration of the old ways. he changed his name to express his belief in Amun.

Question”2 1. List the deeds that led Ray Johnson to describe Akhenaten as’ wacky”

Answer” Akhenaten means the servant of the Aten. I;e the sun disc. he moved the religious capital from the old city of the thebes to the new city of Akhetaten, known now as Amarna. he smashed the images of Amun. a major God and closed hit temples. these deeds led Ray Jonson to describe Akhenaten as wacky’

2. what wre the results of the CT scan?

Answer” The results of the CT. Scan were quite encouraging. 1700 digital X-Ray images in across-section were created. A grey head appeared on screen. neck vertebrae were quite clear. the images of hand, ribcage and skull were equally bright. these revealed that nothing had gone seriously wrong with Tut’s body

3. List the advances in technology that have improved forensic analysis.

Answer” The advances in technology have helped in improving forensic analysis. many scientific tests can be carried out to determine the causes of crime. these include X-Ray ultrasound. CT scan, post mortem, autopsy and biopsy. all these help in diagnosis and provide exact information.

4. Explain the statement, King Tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned-In death as in life’

Answer” King’s Tut’s mummy was the first one to to be X-rayed by an anatomy professor in 1968. On 5 January 2005 CT scan created virtual reality and produced life-like images. King Tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned. thus in death as well as in life Tut moved regally ahead of his countrymen.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Thinking About Language

Question”1 what do you think are the reasons for the extinction of languages?

Answer” A language becomes extinct when its use is restricted to certain classes or categories of people. secondly the harshness of rules and lack of flexibility in usage also contributed to the extinction of languages.

Question”2 Do you think it is important to preserve languages?

Answer” I think it is important to preserve languages. various languages are the vehicles of thought and medium of interaction between the users of that language and the outside world. A language has intimate connection with the lives, culture and civilization of the people and reflects their thinking.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Extra Question and Answer

Question”1 How was the atmosphere when king Tut’s body was scanned?

Answer” As king Tut’s body was taken from his resting place in the ancient Egyptian cemetery known as the valley of the kings, an angry wind stirred up ghostly dust devils. Dark-believed clouds had moved across the desert sky all day and covered the stars in grey colour. but when the CT scan was over. the wind had stopped and the winter air lay still. the clouds were gone and the Orion constellations of stars was clearly visible.

Question”2 why is 5th January 2005 a significant date in Tutankhamun’s saga?

Answer” 5th January 2005 is a significant date in Tutankhamun’s saga because on this day. the world’s most famous mummy gilled from head to toe was CT scanned in order to probe the remaining mysteries of this little understood young ruler who had died more than 3300 years ago.

Question”3 why did the tourist come from around the world’s what did they do?

Answer” The Tourists from around the world queued up all afternoon and descended into the narrowed rock-cut tomb. they had come to pay their homepage to king Tut.

They watched the murals on the walls of the burial chamber. some visitors read from guidebooks while others stood silently peering at king Tut’s gilded face.

Question”4 what superstition had prevailed about Tutankhamun? did howard carter believe this? why?

Answer” The superstition of the pharaoh’s curse-death misfortune falling upon those who disturbed him-had prevailed about Tutankhamun. the Egyptians thus never tried to go near king Tut’s tomb and feared it be disasterous. it could invite the pharaoh’s curse.

However. howard carter was a Britisher and did not believe this because he thought it was just a superstition to keep thieves away from the tomb and’ from the enormous wealth buried with the little pharaoh.

Question”5 do you think Howard carter was absolutely wrong in cutting king Tut’s body into pieces? why?

Answer” Carter was absolutely wrong in cutting king Tut’s body into pieces. he damaged the mummy to a great extent and destroyed the natural state of the mummy. moreover he did not use scientific methods while excavating king Tut’s mummy resulting in immense disfiguration of the body. this prevented other scientific investigators from trying to find out the reasons for king Tut’s death at an early age.

Question”6 who pointed out that the mummy was in a bad condition ? who was held responsible for it?

Answer” Zahi Hawass. secretary general of Egypt’s supreme council of Antiquities, bent over the mummy and watched it carefully. he discovered that the mummy was in a very bad condition because howard carter cut the body into many pieces, as if was stuck to the bottom of the coffin due to the ritual resins becoming hardened. so, Zahi hawass held howard carter responsible for the bad condition of the mummy.

Question”7 what was the nature of the wealth with which king Tut’s mummy was buried ? what were the things of daily use which were buried with him?

Answer” The wealth with which king Tut was buried remains this has richest royal collection ever found and this has become a part of the pharaoh’s legend. the wealth basically contains different stunning arterfacts of gold. Tut was also buried with everyday things such as board games, bronze razor, lines undergarments and cases of food and wine.

Question”8 what was the fate of the contents of king Tut’s mummy?

Answer” Even over 80 years after the discovery of king Tut’s tomb in 1922, surprisingly all its contents were complete. they remain the richest royal collection ever found till 2005. they have now become part of the pharaoh’s legend.

Question”9 what is the significance of the gold in the artefacts found in king Tut’s tomb?

Answer” Tutankhamun was an extremely wealthy pharaoh. when he died, he was buried with numerous artefacts like pieces of jewellery such as precious collars, inlaid necklaces and bracelets, rings amulets etc. Even the inner coffin and mask were made of pure gold. it was believed that the eternal glitter and brilliance of the precious gold will ensure the rising again of king Tut.

Question”10 why did the artefacts cause a sensation at the time of discovery?

Answer” The artefacts discovered cause a sensation at the time of discovery because they were all made of pure gold. their brilliance was eternal and never was meant to guarantee the king’s resurrection.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Long Question and Answer (6 Marks)

Question”1 In 1922, King Tut’s tomb was discovered .much of the treasure buried in the tomb had already been stolen, materialistic attitude of man does not allow even the dead to sleep in peace. will there be any end to this attitude ?

Answer” Man can go to any extent for a handful of gold. In king Tut’s time, the royals were fabulously wealthy and they believed that they could take their richest with them. king Tut’s mummy was thus buried with a lot of gold and other items of daily use in the belief that the dead pharaoh would need those things in the afterlife. It was a matter of faith.

when king Tut’s tomb was discovered, much of the treasure had already been looted. Ethics and morals are not understood by thieves. their goal in life is to acquire as much wealth as possible by any means. this materialistic attitude will never end will Increase day by day.

Question”2 After reading the chapter you realise that the funerary practice of the Egyptians was somewhat exaggerated as they buried their king use. though traditions and rituals must be respected. some superstitious belief should be discarded. Discuss.

Answer” Any society can progress only if it does not let go of its roots.many of us ridicule and mock at funerary certain traditional values attached to them. there is a belief, not only in India but other countries also, that death is only an end to the physicals being the soul has to travel further.

Human beings are known for their discretionary power. traditions, rituals and funerary practices should be given due respects, but we should understand that practices which carry no meaning should be discarded. thus, a dead body should be cremated with honour. but burying it with everyday things has no relevance.

Traditions and rituals make us who we are. they give us identity but being a better society is an ongoing process. some very horrible rituals have already been discarded hence, we should learn to respect traditions and rituals, not follow them blindly.


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