Silk Road class 11 chapter 8 English Hornbill MCQ’s Question and Answer

CBSE class 11 English Hornbill book chapter 8 Silk Road MCQ’s Question and Answer

Silk Road MCQ’s NCERT Solution for class 11 English Hornbill chapter 8 Silk Road MCQ’s Question with Answers were prepared According to the latest exam pattern practicing these Silk Road class 11 MCQ’s Question and Answer really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts

Question”1 what is Kora ?

  1. Yoga Aasan
  2. Meditation
  3. Name of a small town
  4. Pilgrimage in buddhism

Question”2 where was the author heading towards?

  1. Mount Kailash
  2. Mount Everest
  3. Uttarakhand
  4. Delhi

Question”3 why was the writer facing communication problems in Darchen?

  1. He did not want to talk to the locals
  2. he was meditating
  3. No one knew English
  4. None of the above

Question”4 what did Lhamo give to the author as a farewell gift?

  1. long sleeved sheepskin coat
  2. Tibetan holy flowers
  3. Tibetan flags
  4. shoes of rubber

Question”5 who are Drokbas?

  1. Hill Tribe
  2. sheep
  3. wild dogs
  4. Cuisine

Question”6 why did the driver take a short cut to changtang?

  1. he wanted to avoid traffic
  2. he knew the shortest route towards mount Kailash
  3. he had to pick up another passenger
  4. he didn’t wanted to go to that town

Question”7 what is the meaning of “Kyang?

  1. flower petals
  2. sun rays
  3. wild ass
  4. huge pile of grass

Question”8 where did the writer meet Norbu?

  1. at Mount Kailash
  2. at a book shop
  3. at a guest house
  4. at a cafe

Question”9 what did the protagonist notice in front of nomand’s tent?

  1. Tibetan dogs
  2. wild sheep
  3. Tall grass
  4. Drokbas

Question”10 what did the big Tibetan dogs do after they saw the approaching car?

  1. ran behind it as fast as a bullet fired from a gun
  2. they ignored it and slept off
  3. they barked at the car
  4. they ignored it

Question”11 As what were the Tibetan mastiffs famous in China’s royal court?

  1. As hunting dogs
  2. As big animal
  3. As wild Animals
  4. None of the above

Question”12 why did Norbu want to do Kora?

  1. because he wanted to become a monk
  2. because he wanted peace
  3. as he was practising meditation from so long
  4. because he was writing an academic paper on Kailash kora

Question”13 why did the driver stop the care at a sharp turn?

  1. he was tired and wanted to rest
  2. the writer was feeling sick
  3. car’s Tyre got punctured
  4. There was long track of snow in front of them

Question”14 what were the protagonist, Daniel and Tsetan doing when they saw the snow?

  1. trying to enjoy the snow
  2. sat a rock to take rest
  3. trying to move smoothly over snowy surface
  4. they were trying to find a guest house

Question”15 At what sea level were the three of them when they saw the snow on the road?

  1. 5210 meters
  2. 6000 meters
  3. 1000 meters
  4. 5300 meters

Question”16 Did the two them -the Protagonist and Norbu go to Kora together?

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. Maybe
  4. None of these

Question”17 where did they stop to have lunch at two’ clock?

  1. at a long canvas tent beside the dry salt lake
  2. at a fancy restaurant
  3. at the roadside
  4. None of these

Question”18 what was an old route from Lhasa to Kashmir?

  1. East-west highway
  2. Changtang road
  3. west-south highway
  4. south-west highway

Question”19 why was Hor an ugly and miserable place?

  1. It had no modern markets
  2. it had no vegetation
  3. it didn’t had any proper medical facilities
  4. it had no place to live

Question”20 what are the names of the four rivers that originate from Lake Mansarovar?

  1. the Ganges, the yamuna, Narmada and the sutlej
  2. The Yamuna, the Ganga, kosi and the Indus
  3. The Indus, the Ganges the sutlej, and the Brahmaputra
  4. The Indus, the Ganges, sutlej and the Yamuna

Question”21 At which place did he wait for Tsetan while he was away to fix the punctured tyres?

  1. at roadside near lake
  2. at car tyre’s shop
  3. Inside the car
  4. Hor’s cafe

Question”22 what happened when they reached Darchen at night to stay in the guest house?

  1. Protagonist slept well
  2. Tsetan west missing
  3. Protagonist was sad
  4. Protagonist wasn’t able to breathe properly

Question”23 where did Tsetan take the protagonist to seek medical help?

  1. Darchen Medical college
  2. Tibetan Ayurvedic Doctor
  3. to Lhasa
  4. to Ravu again

Question”24 what did the Tibetan doctor give him?

  1. A five day course of medicine
  2. vaccine
  3. homeopathic medicine
  4. Allopathic medicines
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