The Laburnum top class 11 poem 2 English Hornbill summary

The Laburnum top class 11 poem 2 English Hornbill summary

The Laburnum Top class 11 summary

The poem starts with a description of the Laburnum tree whose top was still and silent. its leaves had turned yellow and seeds had fallen down. it was a daytime in the month of September when the tree was standing still and death-like. the life-less tree becomes alive by the arrival of the Goldfinch bird. she came to feed her younger ones who are on the thickness of the branch. the tree is her shelter .she arrives at the end of the branch with the Chirping sound. she further moves to the other side of the branch with rapid and precaution movement like a lizard. As soon as she arrives. her younger ones start Chirping like a movement like a lizard. As flapping their wings. the death-like tree becomes alive and it rembles and shakes.

After feeding them. she files to the other side of the branch. her dark coloured face with the yellow body was barely visible as vanished behind the yellow leaves. she flaw away in the sky, leaving the tree death-like again

As she entered. the tree suddenly seemed to come alive. it started up like a machine. there shrill sounds of twittering arid the tree seemed to quiver with joy. the mother bird was like the engine of her family. like an engine she added life to branch. showing her striped face, with yellow and black markings that were peculiar to her. then with a mysterious. low whistle she flew off into the sky. once again the laburnum quietened down as it was before her arrival. .

After that, her body is yellow and thus blends in with the yellow leaves of the tree. finally after reaching the branch end, she makes a rather sweet Chirping sound. the poet compares this sound to whispering as she flies away in the limitless sky. thus after the bird leaves the tree. the laburnum tree once again becomes silent and death-like.

Conclusion of The Laburnum Top

To sum up the laburnum top summary, we learn about the sweet and nurturing relationship between the tree and the bird and how they both play such important roles in their lives.


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