Birth class 11 chapter 7 English Snapshots summary

Birth class 11 chapter 7 English Snapshots summary

Birth class 11 summary

it was nearly midnight when Andrew Manson. the young doctor reached Bryngower. he found driller Joe Morgan waiting anxiously for him. joe told Andrew that his wife, Susan wanted his help and that too before time. Andrew went into his house. took his bag and left with joe for number 12 Blaina Terrace.

Joe’s voice showed signs of strain as he told the doctor that he would not go in. he reposed full faith in Andrew. A narrow stair led up to a small bedroom. he found two women beside the patient. one was Mrs. Morgan’s mother. she was a tall, grey-haired woman of nearly seventy. the other was a stout, elderly midwife. the old woman offered to make a cup of tea for the doctor. the experienced woman had realized that there must be a period of waiting.

Andrew drank tea in the kitchen downstairs. he knew he could not snatch even an hour’s sleep if he went home. he also knew that the case would demand all his attention. Although he was very worried and upset. he decided to remain there until everything was over. An hour later he went upstairs again. he noted the progress made, came down once more, and sat by the kitchen fire. the old woman sat opposite him. his thought was filled with Christine, the girl he loved. he stared broodingly. into the fire and remained like this for quite long. he was startled when the old woman suddenly asked him not to give her daughter the Chloroform. she feared that it would harm the baby. the doctor replied that the anesthetic would not do any harm.

An hour passed. it was now dawn when the child was born. lifeless. As he gazed at the still form. a shiver of horror passed over Andrew. his face, heated with his own exertions. chilled suddenly. he was torn between his desire to attempt to make the child start breathing again. and his obligation towards the mother. she was in a desperate state. the dilemma was quite urgent, Instinctively. he gave the child to the nurse. he turned his attention to Susan Morgan. she lay collapsed on her side. almost pulseless and not let out of the effect of medicine to make her unconscious. her strength was ebbing. he smashed a glass ampoule and injected the medicine. then he worked severely to restore the soft and weak woman. after a few minutes of quick effort. her heart strengthened. he saw that he might safely leave her.

Then he asked the midwife about the child. she made a frightened gesture. she had placed it beneath the bed. Andrew knelt and pulled out the child. it was a perfectly formed boy. it’s limp. the warm body was white and soft as tallow. the head lolled on the thin neck. the limbs seemed boneless. the cord. hastily slashed. lay like a broken stem. the whiteness meant only one thing-unconsciousness caused by lack of oxygen.

His mind raced back to a case he had once seen in the Samaritan. he remembered the treatment that had been used. he instantly asked the nurse to get him hot water and cold water and basins. then he snatched a blanket. he laid the child on it and began the special method. of respiration. As soon as the basins arrived. he poured cold water into one basin and hot in the other. then he hurried the child between the two. fifteen minutes passed. sweat ran into Andrew’s eyes. his breath came pantingly. but no breath came from the lax body of the child.

Conclusion of summary

Through birth summary, the writer highlights the efforts of doctors and wants to say that we should keep on trying.

Class 11 English Snapshots summary
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