Ranga’s Marriage class 11 chapter 3 English snapshots summary

Ranga’s Marriage class 11 chapter 3 English snapshots summary

Ranga’s marriage class 11 summary

In the story, Ranga’s marriage is located in hosahali, a village in the former Mysore state, now a part of Karnataka. ten years ago, the village didn’t have many people who knew English. the village accountant’s son, Ranga was the first one to be sent to Bangalore, to study. A decade ago, the use of the English language was not widespread in the narrator’s village. that was why Ranga’s homecoming was a great event. people rushed to his doorstep announcing that Ranga who had gone to Bangalore for his studies had come back. they flocked together to have a look. the narrator too went and stood in the courtyard.

Seeing so many people there. Ranga came out with a smile on his face. Everybody was surprised to see that Ranga was the same as he had been six months ago when he had first left the village. once they realized that Ranga was unchanged physically. the crowd of people slowly disappeared. only the narrator, Shyama continued to stand there. after everyone had gone. the narrator asked Rangappa how he was. Ranga noticed him, came near him, and greeted him respectfully.

Ranga was a worldly-wise young man. he knew when it would be to his advantage to talk to someone. he rightly assessed people’s worth. the narrator was resting in the afternoon. when Ranga came to his house with a couple of oranges in his hand. the narrator regarded him as generous. considerate fellow. he thought that it would be a fine thing to have him marry, settle down and be of service to society. he asked Rangappa when he planned to get married. Ranga replied that he was not going to marry just then. he needed to find the right girl. she should be mature enough. secondly, he wanted to marry a girl he admired. he was not in favor of the arranged marriages prevalent in society. if he could not get a girl of his choice. he would prefer to remain a bachelor.

The narrator felt distressed at Ranga’s decision to remain a bachelor. Ranga left after chatting for some time. the narrator made up his mind that he would get Ranga married. he thought that Rama Ranga niece Ratna was a pretty girl of eleven. would be the most suitable bride for him. she was from a big town and knew how to play the veena and the harmonium. she also had a sweet voice.

The next morning the narrator went to Rama Rao’s house and told his wife to ask Ratna to fetch some buttermilk from his house. when Ratna came. he requested her to sing a song. on this Friday. she was wearing a grand saree. the narrator had sent for Ranga, too while she was singing a song. Ranga reached the door. he was curious to see the singer and peeped. The light coming into the room was blocked. seeing a stranger there, Ranga stopped abruptly. she stood at a distance. her head lowered. Ranga repeatedly glanced at her. he said that his arrival had made her stop singing and offered to leave. but he didn’t leave. Ratna. overcome by shyness, ran inside.

Ranga asked the narrator who that girl was. he also expressed the hope that she was not married. the narrator noticed his excitement and said that she was married a year ago. the narrator noticed sings of disappointment on Ranga’s face. Ranga left after some time.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, Ranga’s marriage summary, we learn about the beauty of a quaint village and its customs and traditions, plus it highlights the struggle to reserve our culture against westernization.

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