The Last lesson class 12 chapter 1 English Flamingo summary

The Last lesson class 12 chapter 1 English Flamingo summary

The last lesson class 12 summary

Franz didn’t start school until late that morning. he was afraid of being scolded because Mr. hamel wanted to ask them participles and did not know their first word. he wants to run away and spend a day outdoors. on a warm sunny day, with birds singing and Prussian soldiers drilling in the open space behind the sawmill, it is refreshing but he resisted the temptation and rushed to school.

The notice board near the town hall was full of people. wachter, the blacksmith told Franz not to go so fast. he assured the boy that he would get to school in plenty of time. it is usually very lively when classes start, but everything is as quiet as on sunday morning.

Franz saw through the widow that his classmates were already in place. and Mr. hamel paced back and forth with his terrible iron ruler under his arm. Franz opened the door and entered. he blushed and was scared subway. hamel invited him to his house very kindly.

Franz noticed that his teacher was wearing a beautiful green jacket, a ruffled shirt, and a small black slik hat, all embroidered. you only use them on inspection and adjudication days. the townspeople sit quietly on benches that are usually empty. they all looked said. Hauser brought an old manual. Mr.hamel said this was the last lesson he taught them. from then on. the Alsace and Lorraine schools will only teach German. the new teacher came the next day. this is his last French class. he wants you to be very attentive.

Franz regretted not having studies his homework well. the idea of Mr. hamel leaving makes the narrator forget his ruler and how irritable he is. now Franz understands why M. Hamel put on his beautiful Sunday clothes. why are the village elders sitting there? they came to thank the teachers for forty years of loyal service and express their respect for the country that no longer belongs to them.

mr. Hamel asked Franz to recite. but he was silent the teacher did not scold him. he admitted that both his parents and he (teacher) were to blame. then he spoke of French, the most beautiful language in the world, the clearest and most logical language. he asked them to keep it among themselves and never forget it. you language is the key to entering the prison

Then they took grammar and writing classes. the pigeon cooed low on the ceiling. Franz once thought about making pigeons sing in German. during this time, Mr.hamel sat motionless. in his chair looking at something. his sister is packing up in the room upstairs because they are leaving the country the next day. after writing they took a history lesson and then the babies recited their ba, be bi, bo, bu Even old Hauser wept. the church bell Suddenly rang at twelve O’ clock

And then the sound of prayer was heard at noon. at the same time, the horn of the Prussian returning from the drill sounded under the window. SUBWAY hammer stood up. he wanted to talk, but something made him choke. then he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote as much as possible on the blacksmith. long live France! after speaking he stopped and leaned his head against the wall. without a word, he waved his hand to signal that the school was expelled and they could leave.

Conclusion of summary

The last lesson summary reflects on the importance of one’s language for any race and why it is crucial to safeguard it.



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