A Roadside stand class 12 poem 5 English Flamingo summary

A Roadside stand class 12 poem 5 English Flamingo summary

A Roadside stand class 12 summary

The occupants of the small old house have expanded the front shed. also the extension line is located on the edge of the road where traffic passes. it seems that the owner of the hut wants to beg passersby to buy things from the hut. these disadvantaged people have a great desire for money. unfortunately. traffic used to ignored the cab.

If it happens that the traffic stops. it will bring a feeling of disappointment. they are very disturbed when they see the poor and unattractive sign. sell a quarter gallon berry cabin. this place offers quiet gallon berry cabin. this place offers quiet natural accommodation” attitude and asked them to keep going.

The poet is more concerned with the pain of the owner of the shack than with the stains on the landscape. he believes these folks are eager to deal with some city funding. this money can ease the pain you see. in the movie the party that enjoys power is the party that deprives them of a happy life.

The poet mentioned a story that said impoverished villagers moved to the vicinity of shops and theaters. there is a great commitment to ensure that they are well taken care of. however the government authorities ignored these promises. In addition, the calling them’ kind and greedy’ he called them’ beats and they were addicted to exploiting poor villagers.

Villagers paid a high price for losing their land. the municipality successfully fooled these naive villagers. you were promised a better life and a good night’s sleep. yet these civic authorities are the ones who sleep peacefully and make the lives of the villagers miserable. working during the day and sleeping at night was the old. norm however because the villagers could not sleep at night, this normality was reversed.

The poet expresses his pain when explaining the endless waiting of the owner of the shed for the buyer. An atmosphere of sadness is permeated everywhere. sometimes a car stopped and asked the farmer for the price. besides other people who stopped just wanted to use the backyard. one of the cars stopped to add a gallon of gasoline.

In addition, this also reflects the feeling of alienation between urban and rural life. the poet regrets that the country is not rich in money. In addition money can invigorate the spirit, while lack is frustrating. villagers often express dissatisfaction, with the lack of money. In addition the poet became very moved and thought about his pain. of course he wanted to change their lives at once, but he knew it would be useless.

Conclusion of summary

A Roadside stand summary shows us the great contrast between the comfortable life of city dwellers and the harshness faced by the impoverished rural people.

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