Journey to End of the Earth class 12 chapter 3 English vistas summary

Journey to End of the Earth class 12 chapter 3 English vistas summary

Journey to End of the Earth class 12 summary

The story begins with the author taking a Russian ship. he is heading towards Antarctica. we learn that the author traveled about 100 hours in cars. airplanes and boats. the main objective of this trip is to understand everything about Antarctica in detail. also, we understand that he stayed there for two weeks and everything there. this place stores 90% of the total ice on earth, without trees.

Building or anything it has 24 hours of southern summer sun. also it is covered by silence. this makes the author want to know when India and Antarctica were part of the same land. we learned about the existence of Gondwana. the southern supercontinent. it existed 650 million years ago.

We learned that the climate at that time was much warmer and still supported a great variety of flora and fauna. all of this was before the arrival of humanity. furthermore, Gondwana has flourished for 500 million years. therefore after the extinction of the dinosaurs, the continent was divided into several countries. as we know them today.

Furthermore, we also understand the reality of climate change furthermore, the author believes that to study its effect carefully a trip to Antarctica is necessary. after we understand the Antarctica Ecosystem and how it lacks biodiversity. also if you want to see the consequences of a small action on the environment, it is also a place to observe. if the ozone layer continues to deplete at its current rate.

It will affect the lives of residents in the area. such as marine animals and birds. In addition, it will also have an impact on the global carbon cycle. we understand the factors that cause climate change. such as the burning of fossil fuels. all of this is damaging the quality of Antarctica and may pose a huge danger to human life.

In addition, we also learn if through the example of phytoplankton. In the end. the story ends with the author’s observation of some seals sunbathing on the ice. this made her wonder it this beauty will be preserved for years to come or if the future will be catastrophic.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, journey to End of the Earth summary, we learn in detail about climate change and how it is impacting our lives and of other living beings dangerously, it serves as a wakeup call to start working to make the planet a healthier place.

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