The Enemy class 12 chapter 4 English Vistas summary

The Enemy class 12 chapter 4 English Vistas summary

The enemy class 12 summary

This is about the Japanese surgeon Sadao. he went to study in the united states. where he met a Japanese girl Hua. he married her and took her back to live in Japan. this is the period of the second world war. therefore all doctors were called up to serve in the Japanese army. however, they allowed Sadao to stay because he was caring for the dying old general.

However one night, one thing changed his life. he met a US Navy soldier who was shot and dying. Although Zhendao had no intention of helping the enemy, he took in the young soldier and provided him with medical assistance. he kept it at home to avoid any danger. however, he knew that he helped the enemy open the door to danger. his servant also

Decided to leave Sadao. As the days passed. the soldier began to recover. now that the soldier is no longer a patient of Zhen Dao. he decides to kill him in his sleep. he notified the American general. so the general reported they decided to send private assassins to kill American soldiers. while waiting for the assassins. Zhen Dao began to notice that he was procrastinating, however. in the process, human nature emerged on the sandy road.

He realized that he was alone at the end of the day. now he recognizes the value of human life and universal brotherhood. therefore this will open up your mindset that is limited to races. borders and wars. In the end, he concluded that the American soldier was not his enemy because he belonged to another country. therefore. he overcame prejudice and did the right thing by helping American soldiers escape. thus saving his life.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, the Enemy summary, we learn how love and compassion can make us better human beings as opposed to prejudices and biases against other people with whom we do not share anything but the bond of being humans.


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