Should wizard hit mommy class 12 chapter 5 English Vistas summary

Should wizard hit mommy class 12 chapter 5 English Vistas summary

Should wizard hit mommy class 12 summary

The story first tells us that jack has two sons. the children are joe and bobby. joe’s wife. Claire, is pregnant with their third child. therefore’ to convince his daughter to go to sleep, jack makes up stories for his daughter. this tradition of storytelling began when joe was 2 years old and continues to this day.

Jack made sure to tell a different story each time. however small animals are always common, Roger for example, Roger fish or Roger Chipmunk. Roger went to the wise old owl with some questions, and these questions would send him to the wizard. therefore the magician’s spell will solve the problem after paying pennies.

Now that joe has grown up, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to take an afternoon nap. so one day jack decided to tell him a story about Roger Skunk. too bad, no animal plays with him and he is always alone. therefore, Roger skunk decides to search for the clever old owl. As usual, the owl sent it to the magician.

The wizard who possessed the spell asked Roger skunk about his wishes. he expressed that he wanted to smell like a rose agreed upon by the magician. after that, all the animals began to play with the skunk, which he played until dark. finally Roger skunk returned to his mother. when Jack continued joe thought the story was over,

After getting home, the mummy smelled an unpleasant odor and asked Roger who did it. Roger skunk told him that he didn’t like her smell roses. this angered her status quo. she turned to the wizard angrily and asked him to the wizard angrily and asked him to give her the skunk smell back after hitting him.

Therefore, the wizard reversed his spell and Roger skunk resumed his previous scent. however. this new ending did not make Joe happy. she asked jack to turn him into a wizard to defend himself against his mother. Jack doesn’t like this kind of protest, and Joe insists on changing the ending tomorrow when he brings up another story.

She didn’t listen and followed Jack down the stairs, but now Jack was provoked and threatened to hit her. she returned disappointed and Jack sat with his wife in a quandary.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, should wizard hit mommy? summary, we learn about the moral quandary parents often face when the children start growing up and thinking Independently, it helps us get a glimpse into their innocent minds and adult authority over it.


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