On the face of it class 12 chapter 6 English vistas summary

On the face of it class 12 chapter 6 English Vistas summary

On the face of it class 12 summary

The story begins with a teenager (Delhi) walking into the garden. Due to an accident, acid splashed on his face and burned one side. he was afraid to face people. so he hid. because others made fun of him for having that face. after entering the garden,

He met a man who was already there. therefore he tried to leave, but the old man, Mr. Lamb (the owner of the garden ) stopped him. Derry feels guilty not to show up without permission. however, Mr. lamb received him in his garden and told him not to leave because of his presence.

People don’t like his face. this is what Delhi thinks and why he wants to leave. Again Mr. lamb wants you to stay there. after that they started talking about how nobody likes Delhi and how he hates people’s behavior towards him. furthermore, Mr. lamb tried to comfort him. Mr.lamb told him that he had a tin leg and that the children made fun of him. however. he enjoys his life to the fullest.

Their conversation continued and revealed various things about Delhi’s fear. hatred and frustration at being in this state. In addition, Mr. lamb has always told you to consider the positive aspects. they soon became friends. and Mr. lamb asked Delhi to help him pick apples from the garden.

Delhi told her that she was too far away from home and she did not tell her mother about. it therefore, Mr. lamb asked his mother’s consent. bur Derry found it difficult, which led to some discussions between the two. finally Delhi agreed and told Mr. lamb that he would come back with his mother’s

Consent. however, her mother did not want her to leave, instead she came back to fulfill her promise. at the same time, Mr. lamb climbed the ladder himself. to pick the crabaple, because he was sure that derry would not return ,In addition.

Due to his disability, it is difficult for him to climb. so he slipped off the ladder and died. on the other hand, Delhi returned to the garden to help him, but when he entered the garden, she saw him lying on the ground. also she tried to move, it but got no response from him. finally, she learned that he was dead and began to cry.

Conclusion of summary

On the Face of its summary, the writer wants to say that we should never feel shame on our appearance. Also, we should be positive and optimistic about ourselves


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