The Hundred Dresses class 12 chapter 5 summary Question and Answer

The Hundred Dresses class 12 chapter 5 English First Flight summary Question and Answer

The Hundred Dresses -here is class 12 English Flamingo chapter 3 The hundred Dresses summary and Explanation of the lesson along with meanings of difficult words. also the explanation is followed by a summary of the lesson. All the exercises and question and Answer

The Hundred Dresses class 12 Introduction

The Hundred Dresses-I’ is a story based on the real experiences of the writer. it is about a girl who is teased by her classmates. this girl was wanda who always claims for having one hundred dresses. her classmates always made fun of her. As her claim was in contradiction to the fact that she always came to school wearing the same dress. her classmates thought her name to be funny. her name was not common, because she came to an American town as a Polish immigrant with her family.

The Hundred Dresses class 12 About the Author

El Bsor Ester (May 9, 1906-july 15, 1988) was an American children’s author and a children’s librarian. her book Ginger pye , which she also created illustration for, won the Newbery Medal. three of her books were Newbery honor winners. and one awarded the Lewis Carroll shelf Award. her books were based on her life in small town Connecticut in the early 1900s.

The Hundred Dresses class 12 Theme

The Hundred Dresses -I is a beautiful story based on the them of discrimination, Judgmental attitude people have for other people around us. In this story we see Wanda Petronski being Judged for her unique name and qualities. she was being teased by Paggy, Madeline and other girls. they always made fun of her. but Wanda never reacted to it.

The Hundred Dresses class 12 Explanation

The Hundred Dresses class 12

Today, Monday Wanda Petronski was not in her seat. but nobody not even Peggy and Madeline. the girls who started all the fun. noticed her absence. Usually Wanda sat in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in room thirteen she sat in the corner of the room where the rough boys who did not make good marks sat, the corner of the room where there was most scuffling of feet, most roars of laughter when anything funny was said. and most mud and dirty on the floor.

Wanda did not sit there because she was rough and noisy. on the contrary she was very quiet and rarely said anything at all, and nobody had ever heard her laugh out loud. sometimes she twisted her mouth into a crooked sort of smile but that was all.

Nobody knew exactly why Wanda sat in that seat. unless it was because she came all the way from Boggins Heights and her feet were usually caked with dry mud. but no one really thought much about Wanda Petronski. once she sat in the corner of the room .

The time when they thought about wanda was outside of school hours at noon-time when they were coming back to school or in the morning early. before school began. when groups of two or three or even more. would be talking and laughing on their way to the school yard.

Then sometimes they waited for wanda -to have fun with her.

The next day Tuesday. wanda was not in school. either and nobody noticed her absence again. but on wednesday, Peggy and Maddie. who sat down front with other children who got good marks and who didn’t track in a whole lot of mud. did notice that wanda wasn’t there. peggy was the most popular girl in school. she was pretty she had many pretty clothes and her hair was curly Maddie was her closet friend. the reason Peggy and maddi noticed wanda’ s absence was because wanda had made them late to school. they had waited and

Waited for wanda. to have some fun with her. and she just hadn’t come. they often waited for Wanda Petronski – to have fun with her.

Wanda Petronski. most of the children in Room Thirteen didn’t have names like that. smith they had there was one boy named bounce. willie bounce, and people thought that was funny. but not funny in the same way that Petronski was.

Wanda didn’t have any friends. she came to school alone and went home alone. she always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right. it was clean , but it looked as thought it had never been ironed property. she didn’t have any friends. but a lot of girls talked to her. sometimes. they surrounded her in the school yard as she stood watching the little girls play hopscotch on the worn hard ground.

Wanda’ Peggy would say in a most courteous manner as though she were talking to Miss Mason. Wanda’ she’d say giving one of her friends a nudge, tell us how many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?

Wanda Petronski and her arrogant classmates, mainly Peggy and Maddie
Wanda Petronski and her arrogant classmates, mainly Peggy and Maddie

A hundred ‘ wanda would say, A hundred’ exclaimed all the little girls Incredulously and the little ones would stop playing hopscotch and listen. Yeah’ a hundred all lined up’ said wanda, then her him lips drew together in silence. what are they like?

All silk. i bet said Peggy yeah, all silk all colours. Velvet. Too’

Yeah velvet too. A hundred dresses. Wanda would repeat stolidly. all lined up in my closet. then they’d let her go. and then before she’d gone very far. they couldn’t help bursting into shrieks and peals of laughter.

A hundred dresses’ Obviously the only dress Wanda had was the blue one she wore every day. so why did she say she had a hundred? what a story ! why How many shoes did you say you had? sixty pairs. All lined up in my closet. Cries of exaggerated politeness greeted this. all alike?

Oh’ no every pair is different. all colours. all lined. up’ Peggy who had thought up this game, and Maddie, her Inseparable friend. were always the last to leave finally Wanda would move up the street. her eyes dull and her mouth closed. hitching her left shoulder every now and then in the funny way she had. finishing the walk to school alone.

Peggy was not really cruel. she protected small children from bullies. and she cried for hours if she saw an animal mistreated. if anybody had said to her. Don’t you think that is cruel. way to treat Wanda? she would have been very surprised. cruel.? why did the girl say she had a hundred dresses. ?anybody could tell that was a lie, why did she want to lie?

And she wasn’t just an ordinary person. else why did she have a name like that ? anyway. they never made her cry. As for Maddie, this business of asking Wanda every’ day how many dresses and how many hats. and how many this and that she was bothering her, Maddie was poor herself. she usually wore somebody’s hand-me-down clothes, thank goodness, she didn’t live up on Boggins heights or have a funny. name

Sometimes, when Peggy was asking Wanda those questions in that mocking polite voice, Maddie felt embarrassed and studied. the marbles in the marbles in the palm. of her. hand, rolling them around and saying nothing herself, not that she felt sorry for Wanda’ exactly she would never have paid any attention to Wanda

if Peggy hadn’t Invented the dresses game. but suppose Peggy and all the others started in on her next? she wasn’t as poor as Wanda’ perhaps, but she was poor. of course she would have more sense than to say she had a hundred dresses. still she would not like for them to begin on her. she wished Peggy would stop teasing Wanda Petronski’

Today’ even thought they had been late to school. Maddie was glad she had not had to make fun of Wanda’ she worked her arithmetic problems absent’ Mindedly’ Eight times eight- let’s see. she wished she had the nerve to write Peggy a note because she knew had the never would have the courage to speak right out to Peggy’

To say hey’ Peg Let’s stop asking Wanda how many dresses she has’ when she finished her arithmetic she did start a note a peggy. suddenly she paused and shuddered. she pictured herself in the school yard, a new target for Peggy and the girls. Peggy might ask her where she got the dress that she had on, and old ones that Maddie’s mother had tried to disguise with

New Trimmings so on one in Room thirteen would recognise it. if only Peggy would decide of her own accord to stop having fun with Wanda. on well! Maddie ran her hand through her short blonde hair as thought to push the uncomfortable thoughts away.

What difference did it make? slowly maddie tore into bits the note she had started she was Peggy’s best friends and Peggy was the best liked girl in the whole room. Peggy could not possibly do anything that was really wrong’ she thought.

As for Wanda, she was just girl who lived up on Boggins heights and stood alone in the school yard. she scarcely ever said anything to anybody. the only time she talked was in the school yard about her hundred dresses. Maddie remembered her telling about one of her, dresses, pale blue with coloured trimmings. and she remembered another that was brilliant jungle green in that’ the girls had said in pretended admiration.

Thinking about Wanda and her hundred dresses all lined up in the closet, Maddie Began to wonder who was going to win the drawing and colouring contest. For girls this contest consisted of designing dresses. and for boys, of designing motorboats. Probably Peggy would win the girls medal peggy drew better than anyone else in the room.

At least that’s what everybody thought. she could copy picture in a magazine or some film star’s head so that you could almost tell who it was. Oh Maddie was sure Peggy would win, well tomorrow the teacher was going to announce the winners, then they’d know.

The next day it was drizzling Maddie. and peggy hurried to school under Peggy’s umbrella Naturally on a day like this, they didn’t wait for Wanda Petronski on the corner. of Olive street. the street that far, far away under the railroad tracks and up the hill, led to Boggins heights, Anyway they weren’t taking chances on being late today, because today was important.

Do’ you think miss Mason will announce the winners today? asked peggy. Oh I’hope so the minute we get in’ said maddie of course you’II win Peg. Hope so said Peggy eagerly . the minute they entered the classroom they stopped short and gasped. there were drawings all over the room.

On every ledge and windowsill, dazzling colours and brilliant. lavish designs. all drawn on great sheets of wrapping paper. there must have been a hundred of them. all lined up, these must be the drawings for the contest. they were! Everybody stopped and whistled or murmured. admiringly,

As soon as the class had assembled, Miss mason announced the winners. jack beggles had won for the boy’s she said and his design . for an outboard motor was on exhibition in Room Twelve, along with the sketches by all the other boys.

As for the girls ‘she said although just one or two sketches were submitted by most, one girl-and Room thirteen should be proud of her this one girl actually drew one hundred designs all different and all beautiful. In the opinion of the Judges. any one of the drawings is worthy of winning the Prize. I am very happy to say that Wanda Petronski is the winner of the girls’ medal

Wanda Petronski
Wanda Petronski

Unfortunately, Wanda has been absent from school for some days and is not here to receive the applause that is due to her. let us hope she will be back tomorrow now class, you may file around the room quietly and look at her exquisite drawings.

The children burst into applause. and even the boys were glad to have a chance to stamp on the floor. put their fingers in their mouths and whistle. though they were not interested Maddie’ there’s that blue one she told us about. Isn’t beautiful?”


Yes said Peggy and here’s that green one. boy and I though I could draw”

The Hundred Dresses class 12 summary part-1

The story the hundred dresses-1 Given by El Beerester highlights the issue of ragging prevalent in schools and colleges. their is a story about a girl normal, Wanda, who was always teased by her classmates as she was different from them the was a poor polish girl while all her classmates were America. her name, belonged to a’ poor background and used to speak very less in the class. the used to wear a faded blue dress to school everyday. Peggy and Maddie were her classmates. They after teased Wanda. Peggy asked her how many dresses she had and Wanda. replied that she had a hundred dress. this gave girls the chance to make fun of her.

Maddie was also another poor girl. she wished to stop Peggy from teasing Wanda. but the never darea. to take stand for her. one day results of the drawings competition were supposed to be announced everyone thought that Peggy would win the Prize but Miss. Mason announced Wanda. as the winner among the girls. Hearing their everybody in the class clapped for Wanda although she was not present that day. they were actually clapping for there drawings of dresses about which Wanda talked to them while she was being teased by her class.

The Hundred Dresses class 12 Question and Answer

Question:1 who was wanda Petronski?

Answer: Wanda Petronski was a poor Polish girl.

Question:2 where did she usually sit ?

Answer: she usually sat in the comer next to the last seat in the last row.

Question:3 what Fun did Peggy start ?

Answer : Peggy used to ask Wanda mockingly how many dresses she had.

Question:4 what type of the students used to sit near Wanda?

Answer: Rough boys and girls who did not make good marks.

Question:5 what did Peggy and Maddie notice ?

Answer: Peggy and Maddie noticed that wanda was not in the class.

Question:6 why did they use to wait for Wanda?

Answer: they used to wait for her to have some fun .

Extra Question and Answer

Question:1 where did Wanda Petronski use to sit ?

Answer : Wanda petronski used to sit in the seat next to the last seat in the last row in the corner of the room thirteen where the rough boys who did not make good marks sat.

Question:2 why did Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence ?

Answer: They noticed that Wanda was absent because she had made them late to school. they had waited for her to have some fun.

Question:3 why did Wanda always go back alone ?

Answer: she lived in Boggins heights where no other students lived. she did not have any friend too. so she used to go and come home all alone.

Question:4 why did the little girls exclaime?

Answer: The little girls exclaimed with surprise that wanda. who wears only one dress every day, had a hundred dresses in her almirah. it was unbelievable.

Question:5 In what way was Wanda different from the other children ?

Answer : Wanda was different from the other children. she was a poor girl she did not have many friends. she did not have many dresses. she was very quiet and rarely said anything at all. and nobody had ever heard her laugh out loud.

Question:6 what do you think to have fun with her’ means?

Answer: Peggy and Maddie were not bad girls. they had no bad intentions towards Wanda. they did not want to tease her but it was a way to enjoy and have a happy time.

The Hundred Dresses part 1 Long Question and Answer

Question:1 Pen down the character sketch of Wanda Petronski.

Answer: Wanda Petronski was a Polish girl who had shifted to America from Poland with her parents. she was very poor and lived in Boggins Heights. she was very shy and quiet. she did not talk to anyone. she had no friends and sat in the last row of the class with some naughty boys wore the same faded blue dress everyday which was not ironed but clean.

Everybody teased her in her class. In the anger. she claimed of having a hundred dresses and sixty pair of shoes at home. she was very determined and showed her determination in the drawing competition by displaying the hundred sketches of dresses she claimed to own. Each of them was so beautiful that she won the competition. and surpassed Peggy.

Question:2 How did the girls know that Wanda liked them even though they had teased her?

Answer: The girls came to know that Wanda liked them even though they had teased her as she had asked Miss Mason to give the green dress with red trimming to Peggy and the blue one to Maddie. later when Maddie looked at the drawing very carefully, she realized that the dress had a face and a head, which looked like her own self. the head and face in the drawing given to Peggy looked just like Peggy. that is why the girls knew that Wanda liked them even though they had teased her.

Question:3 The hundred Dresses-I is about teasing Wanda. it also focuses on ragging and racism indirectly. Explain how it affects you and how you evaluate it.

Answer: the story the hundred Dresses I’ is really all about teasing of Wanda being Polish and having a strange name. they made fun of Wanda and made her feel inferior by asking her about her dresses. their behaviour towards Wanda was completely undesirable as it shows racism and ragging. these are totally condemnable issues in the society which can not be accepted. Peggy and Maddie never thought of Wanda’s feelings and continued teasing but her selection as a winner shows that colour. prejudice or racism are not parameters of talent as everybody clapped for her drawings.

The Hundred Dresses class 12 MCQs

Question:1 who lived In Boggins Heights ?

  1. Maddie
  2. Peggy
  3. Wanda
  4. Cecile

Question:2 who won the drawing contest for boys at school ?

  1. Jake
  2. Maddie
  3. Wanda
  4. Michael

Question:3 who secretly dislike how Wanda was being treated ?

  1. Peggy
  2. Cecile
  3. Maddie
  4. Jake

Question:4 How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls ?

  1. Because of her nature
  2. because of her tasks
  3. because of her origin and dress
  4. None of the above

Question:5 why does Maddie stand by and not do anything ?

  1. because she was herself victim
  2. because she doesn’t have courage
  3. because she doesn’t want to
  4. None of the above

Question:6 How is Maddie different from Peggy ?

  1. she doen’t make fun of Wanda.
  2. she like wanda a lot.
  3. she hated wanda a lot.
  4. None of these

Question:7 How other girls treat Wanda?

  1. she doesn’t make fun of Wanda.
  2. she like wanda a lot.
  3. she hated wanda a lot.
  4. None of these

Question:8 what does Miss Mason think of wanda’s drawing?

  1. Exquisite
  2. Ugly
  3. Average
  4. None of these

Question:9 why does Wanda say that she has a hundred dresses?

  1. Because she has.
  2. To counter other girls.
  3. she loves to rant.
  4. Both A and B

Question:10 she always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hand ring it was clean but it looked as though it had never been ironed properly she didn’t have any friends. but a lot of girls talked to her. sometimes they surrounded her in the school yard as she stood watching the little girls play hopscotch on the worn hard ground. Wanda’ Peggy would say in a most courteous manner. as though she were talking to miss mason. wanda she’d say giving one of her friends a nudge’ tell us .how many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?

Pick the option having the words that Do NOT loosely match the word, closet from those given .

  1. wardrobe 2)loft 3) cabinet 4) cupboard 5) porch 6) cellar
  1. 1, 3 and 4
  2. 3, 4, 5
  3. 1, 2, 6
  4. 2, 5, 6

The Hundred Dresses class 12 MCQs Answer

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer
MCQs Answer

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