Footprints without Feet class 10 chapter 5 summary

Footprints without Feet class 10 chapter 5 English Foot prints without feet summary

Footprints without Feet class 10 summary

Footprints without feet is an interesting story written by Herbert George wells. this story is about a Brilliant scientist named Griffin who had developed a drug that could make a man invisible he was successful in his experiment and developed a formula that had the power of invisibility by consuming the drug, a man could become transparent that could not be seen with the naked eye.

Griffin carried out the experiment on himself so he gulped the drug and his body became transparent like sheet of glass. Inadvertently. he stepped in Mud and the fresh Muddy imprints of his feet were all over the place. it was first seen by two Young boys who followed his footprints until they became fainter and disappeared altogether.

Although Griffin was an outstanding scientist, he was a lawless man. his landlord dislike him and had asked him to eject the house. In vengeance, Griffin set the house on fire and soon wandered around the streets without food, money and clothes.

Owing to his invisibility no one could see him and as he was walking down the streets, he started feeling cold and entered a big London shopping centre to warm himself. after the stores were shut down, he picked up some comfortable clothes to warm himself. and fed himself with cold meat and some expresso from a nearly restaurant. later he slept on a pile of quilts in the store. the following morning some associates started approaching him and he removed all his clothes immediately and became invisible man.

As Griffin wandered without clothes in the chilly weather he could feel the biting cold and decided to take some clothes from a theatre company soon. he found an appropriate shop and wore bandages around his forehead, a false nose dark glasses, big bushy side-whiskers and a huge hat. then he went to a shopkeeper’s store and stole all his money. he realised that staying in a crowded city like London could be difficult for him. so he thought of moving to the lping village.

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