A Truly Beautiful Mind class 9 chapter 4 English summary

A Truly Beautiful Mind class 9 chapter 4 English Beehive summary

A Truly Beautiful Mind class 9 summary

Albert Einstein is born albert Einstein was born on march 14, 1879 in the German City of Ulm. he had no Sings of greatness. his mother thought that he was a freak. albert as uncommon when he learned to speak he spoke everything twice.

He was boring for other children. so he played by himself much of the time. he loved mechanical toys. looking at his new bom siste, maja he asked where her wheels were. albert belies the headmaster a headmaster told. his father that Einstein would never make a success at anything . Einstein began playing at the age of six. later he became a gifted violinist.

Leaves school for good but Einstein was not a bad pupil. he joined a high school in Munich. he scored good marks in every subject. he clashed with his teachers. he did not like strict discipline and order in schools. he left school for good at the age of 15.

Education in Switzerland a year before his parents had moved to Milan. they left him with relatives. he was able to continue his education in Switzerland. goes to university Einstein was highly gifted in mathematics. he was interested in physics also. he decided to study at a university in Zurich.

Falls in love he had s special interested in a fellow student. her name was Mileva Marie. she was a clever creature. she was a Serb the universities in Europe where women could get degree. therefore she had come to Switzerland the couple fell in love. however, their love was expressed in science.

Gets a job at the age of 21, albert Einstein got his university degree. he also got a job. he became a technical expert in the patent office in Bern in 1920. he was also actually developing his own ideas in secret. he called his desk as the’ bureau of theoretical physics.

His’ special theory of Relativity One of the famous papers of 1905 was Einstein’s special theory of Relativity. according to it time and distance are not absolute. for example two perfectly accurate clocks will not show the same time if they come together after a journey. from this followed the world’s most famous formula. it describes the relationship between mass and energy, E=Me2 ( E stands for energy, M for mass and C for the speed of light in a vacuum which is about 300, 000 km/s)


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