The snake and the mirror class 9 chapter 5 summary

The Snake and the Mirror class 9 chapter 5 English Beehive summary

The snake and the mirror class 9 summary

Story of a doctor and a snake this is the story about a snake. it had entered into the narrator’s room. the narrator is a doctor. he had just started his practice those days. doctor sees his face in the mirror it was a hot summer night.

The doctor had his meals at the restaurant and returned home. the rented house was not electrified so he lighted the kerosene lamp. then he took off his coat and , shirt and opened the two window. after some time , he settled on the chair and took out a book.

there was large mirror on the table. those days the doctor bothered much about his looks. he therefore picked up the comb and parted his hair. he looked at his reflection in the mirror. then he practised an attractive smile. the room had many rats. they constantly made a noise.

Fall of a snake on him the doctor got up. he lit a beedi. he paced up and down the room. the thought of his marriage came to him. he thought of marrying a wealthy doctor. his wife had to be fat. so she won’t catch him if he ran away. he came back and sat at the table. the sounds of rats had stopped. suddenly, there was a dull thud.

As he turned his head a fat snake landed over his shoulder. before the snake had coiled around his left arm above the elbow. his hood was spread out. his head was hardly three or four inches from his face. doctor’s thoughts and escape from the snake

The doctor sat there as if he were a piece of stone. he thought of only one help the help from God. it seemed God appreciated. that. the snake turned its head and looked into the mirror. the snake then unwound itself from the doctor’s arm he fell into his lap from there it crept on the table.

Then it moved towards the mirror. Apparently it wanted to see its reflection more closely .this was the doctor’s opportunity. very slowly, he got up from the chair. he ran out of the house in no moments.

Doctor shifts elsewhere he reached a friend’s house and spent his time there . he came back to his house only next morning. it was about eight-thirty he had with him his friend and one or two others. they had to move his things from there. however, they had little to carry. some thief had taken away most of his things. there was no sign of the snake also.

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