Reach for the top class 9 chapter 8 English summary

Reach for the top class 9 chapter 8 English Beehive summary

Reach for the top class 9 summary

Part 1 . Santosh Yadav

Santosh’s family background and birth Santosh Yadav has twice climbed Mount Everest she is only woman in the world to do so she was bom in a society where the birth of a son was regarded as a blessing Daughter was not welcome. A’ holy man blessed Santosh’s mother thinking that she wanted a son. but Santosh’s grandmother haryana as the sixth child. she is a sister to five brothers.

Non-traditional Santosh she was named ‘ Santosh’ meaning contentment. Santosh began living life on her own terms. other girls wore traditional Indian dresses. but she determined to choose a correct path. others were to change themselves. not she

Santosh’s great desire for education Santosh’s parents were rich landowners. they could send her for education to nearby Delhi, the Capital but they sent her to the village school. Santosh decided to fight the system. when she turned sixteen. she refused to marry. most of the girls in her village used to get married at that age. she warned her parents that she would never marry if she did not get a proper education.

Santosh in a Delhi school so she got admission in a school in Delhi. her parents refused to pay her fees. but she told them that she would work part time to earn money. they agreed to pay for her education.

Goes to college in Jaipur Santosh passed the high school. she went to Jaipur to join Maharani college. she got a room in Kasturba hostel. it faced the Aravalli hills. she used to see the villagers going up the hill and disappearing.

Part II. Maria Sharapova

Maria sharapova’s number one position in world tennis there is something at adds with Maria sharapova with her smile and dress .this lifted her on 22 August 2005 to the world number one position in women’s tennis. she is a Siberian teenager. it took her four years to achieve the top position.

Maria’s trip us. Maria climb upwards started nine years before she was not yet 10 when she was sent to train in America. that trip to florida with her father yuri put her on the line to success and stardom. but it meant a separation also of two years from her mother Yelena. Yelena had to live in Siberia due to visa restrictions.

Maria’s stay and training in the US Maria recalls that she felt lonely in the US. she missed her mother greatly her. father also couldn’t see her mother. he earned only as much as to keep her tennis-training going she was young. she used to tidy up the room and clean it. the seniors would make her do so.

Maria’s toughness this made her determined and mentally tough. she also learnt how to take care of herself she never thought of quitting. she knew what she wanted this toughness is still there in her.

Maria becomes number one she bagged the ladies. single crown at wimbledon in 2004. she became world’s number one in 2005.

Her mantra for success Maria has journeyed from Siberia to the top of women’s tennis. it has touched the hearts of tennis fans. she looks straight and answers clearly. these tell that her sacrifices works hard at what she does. this is her mantra for success.


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