Packing class 9 chapter 7 English Beehive summary

Packing summary class 9

Packing class 9 chapter 7 English Beehive summary

The Narrator decides to pack Jerome, the narrator felt pride on his packing. three friends decided to go on a holiday. he offered to do packing George and harris, his friends were impressed by that. they relaxed by lighting a cigar and pipe respectively that the narrator would do the packing.

The narrator had intended it otherwise but the narrator had intended that George and harris would pack. and he would boss over them. when they relaxed he was irritated. people’s not doing anything greatly irritated him. he couldn’t sit still and see getting up and overseeing others working. he hated seeing people doing nothing when he was working.

Packing done but many things forgotten the narrator started the packing .he had finished packing in a short time. harris told him that he had forgotten to put the boots. in he opened the bag and packed the boots in. he was going to close. it just then he had an idea had he packed his tooth-brush he had some wild memories with his tooth-brush .

Packing searched for tooth-brush he turned everything out. but he could not find the tooth-brush. he found brushes of George and harris more than eighteen times over. but he couldn’t find his own. so he put the things back one by one. then he found the tooth-brush inside a boot. he repacked the things once more.

Packing done and undone the narrator finished packing the bag. soon George asked if the soap was in but. the narrator was in anger. he won’t open the bag again. however he found that he had packed his tobacco-pouch in it. so he had to re-open the bag. then George and harris undertook to do the rest of the packing.

Things become exciting harris and George were not good packers. the narrator could see piles of plates. cups kettles. cakes tomatoes. etc. soon the packing became exciting .cups were broken, harris packed the strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it. George walked over the butter . the narrator sat and saw them packing.

This irritated George and harris they stepped on things. then they didn’t find what they wanted to find. they packed the pies at the bottom of the bag. they squashed them after putting heavy things on them.

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