The Bond of Love class 9 chapter 9 summary

The Bond of Love class 9 chapter 9 English Beehive summary

The Bond of the love class 9 summary

The author gets a baby bear by chance ‘ the bond of love is the story of love and friendship between a pet bear cub and the author’s wife. he got the bear cub for her by accident. two years ago, they were passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore. people were driving away the wild pigs from their fields. some were shot dead and others escaped. suddenly a sloth-bear came out of the fields. was panting in the hot. sun

The actual incident the author didn’t want to shoot at her. one of his companions shot the bear on the spot. they came hear the fallen animal. they saw a baby-bear riding on his mother’s back. the little bear ran around the dead body of his mother. he was making a pitiful noise. then he ran away into a sugarcane field.

Author’s present to his wife at last the author was able to catch him the little bear struggled to free himself. he tried to scratch him with his long. hooked claws .they put him in a gunny-bag they brought him to Bangalore. the author presented the little creature to his wife. she was really delighted. the cub was a male. she named it Bruno.

How baby bear is brought up the author’s wife looked after the baby-bear like her own child Bruno soon took to drinking milk from a bottle. he started eating and drinking a lot of things. he ate porridge. vegetables fruit, nuts meat rice, eggs etc. he drank tea, milk, coffee and even beer and liquor.

How baby bear spends time they had two Alsatian dogs. the baby bear became friendly with the dogs and all the children. he enjoyed himself freely. he spent his time in playing and running into the kitchen. he also slept in their beds.

A strange incident one day an accident befell him the author had put down barium carbonate in the library. it was a poison it was put down there to kill rats. Bruno entered the library and ate some of the poison. he suffered from a stroke of paralysis. but he dragged himself slowly to the author’s wife. he was weakening rapidly .he was vomiting and breathing heavily.

Taken to a veterinary surgeon he was taken a veterinary surgeon. 10 c.c.of anti-dote was given to him. his condition remained uncharged. another 10 c.c. was injected . Brupo got up and enjoyed a good meal. another time the little bear drank a gallon of old engine oil. but it had no ill-effectes whatever on him.

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