Wind class 9 Poem 2 English summary

Wind class 9 Poem 2 English beehive summary

Wind class 9 summary

In the poem. the poet is talking to the wind and he asks the wins to come softly. poet also says that wind should not be strong and it should come delicately and softly then he describes that powerful wind is destructive and it breaks the shutters and windows and scatters the paper.

Moreover when the wind is very powerful then it takes down the books from the shelves. after that, he asks the wind to look at the damage it has caused. further whenever the wind is strong all the weak things like plants. children etc. get fearful and sometimes get hurt . In the initial part of the poem. the poet is referring to the wind as a young child. firstly he said that it comes softly as a child does. later on we come to know that it became destructive like a Youth full of energy. violence. and destruction.

In the next pare he continuously repeated the word crumbling to lay stress that everything crumbles in the face of strong wind. so the poet wants to say that everything breaks when the wind is very strong and powerful he says that weak houses. weak doors,, beams wooden structures bodies. of people animals etc. all fall and crumbles. In addition everything which is weak reacts by breaking or falling down in the face of hardship . hence the poet says that whenever weak people faces and hardship or challenge in life they fall or break down.

In the next paragraph. he addresses the wind as “wind” god and he says that the powerful god of wind examines. meaning it shifts people and those who are weak fall down and get crushed. therefore here the poet made a comparison between wheat and people. just like we sort the wheat to separate the grain from the chaff. in the same way the wind god separates the strong people form weak people moreover when there is strong wind all the things that are weak fall and get crushed.

After that poet wants us to make friends with the wind. i.e the hardship in our lives he says that we should be ready for the problems as they will come and will not listen to us. also we should build strong homes and close the doors of our house firmly so the wind cannot enter them. moreover the poet says that we should make our hearts and bodies stronger to face these challenges. and when we are strong enough to face challenges then we will not feel troublesome.


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