Rain on the roof class 9 poem 3 summary

Class 9 English Chapter 3 Poem Summary | Rain on The Roof Poem Class 9 English Beehive

Rain on the roof class 9 summary

The Poem Rain on the roof talks about the poet’s varied reactions to the sound of raindrop failing on the roof of his house the poets is saying that when the humid shadows however. the poet is saying that when the sky is full of these clouds which are moisture laden are full of water and are about to bring rain, when such clouds

hover around in the sky over all the starry spheres that time huge clouds which are full of moisture move around in the sky and the sad darkness of the night is wiped off by the raindrop which seem like tears failing from the sky the poet is comparing rain drops to tears and he says that the dark sky which seems to be very sad,

it appears as if it is crying and the raindrops are the tears shed by it. he adds that it is like a blessing to lie on the bed in his room and listen to the sound made by the raindrops failing on the roof the poet is expressing his feeling when he hears the raindrop failing on the rooftop of his house. he says that every tinkle on the shingles

Has an echo in the heart. whenever he hear rain failing on the rooftop. the sound repeats in his heart in his dreams, he has many different fanciful imaginations. he adds that this sound of the rain failing on the roof top creates many new different dreams in his mind. he recollects many memories of the past which come back into his mind as dreams.


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