The Road Not taken class 9 Poem 1 English summary

The Road Not taken class 9 Poem 1 English Beehive summary

Road Not taken class 9 summary

The poet was walking down the road, when he found a diversion where two roads diverged in different directions. the poet feels sorry as he can not travel on both the roads. he has to make one decision and choose a single path. at the junction. the poet stood for a long time and tried to look at the roads as far as he could. he wanted to see the roads and wanted to know about both paths. but he could not see anything beyond the diversion as the roads were curved and covered with the tress.

In the stanza the yellow wood refers to the forest with leaves. which were shed on the road and had turned yellow this indicates that it was autumn season. through this stanza. the poet wants to convey that in everyone’s life there comes a time when we a have to make choices. we have alternatives, but we have to choose only one. at that time we see the pros and cons of the situation. and take the time to decide which path to take. Similarly. the poet is also taking time before making any decision.

After taking a long time the poet decided to take the other road. he thought that both the road. he thought that both the road were equally. good he started walking on the road which has grass on it and feels that it was a better road for him. the grassy road means that the road was not used and the wanted wear means that only a few people have walked through it. after walking some distance on the road. the poet feels that both the paths were almost the same.

There was hardly any difference between them. through this the poet conveys that in our life whatever decision we take or choices we make each choice has some advantages and some disadvantage problems, are everywhere. so we must be ready to face them.

The poet says that both the paths seemed to be similar that morning leaves were shed on both the roads. and they were still green it means that no one had walked on the roads. he decided to take one path that day and the other path on another day. however he knows that one way leads to another way he could not go


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