The lake Isle of Innisfree class 9 Poem 4 English summary

The Lake Isle of Innisfree class 9 Poem 4 English Beehive summary

The Lake Isle of Innisfree class 9 summary

In this poem’ I’ refers to the poet William Yeats who says that he want’s to go Innisfree. there he will build a small room for himself with clay and small sticks that he will use to make walls and fences of the cabin. also when he will live there then he will need some food to eat. so he will grow nine rows of beans near his cabin.

Along with that he will have a beehive to get fresh honey from the beehive. moreover. the poet says that the open space. where he will build his room will be full of the buzzing sound of the bees. there he will live alone in peace and calmness.

In the second paragraph the poet says that when. in Innisfree he will feel peaceful. as the feeling of peace is felt slowly. he also described how he would feel peaceful. when it is cloudy in the morning and the view of the sky is not very clear then it will appear as if the morning has worn a veil and has hidden. moreover,

looking at this scene makes him feel-peaceful. also he says that when male cricket sings their. song that sound will also bring him peace. In the midnight, when he seem the twinkling in the night sky, their shine five him peace. during the afternoon. when the sunlight gives a purplish glow, which also gives him peace. In the evening when he sees the linnet bird flying in the sky, then again he feels peaceful .

This paragraph, the poet states that now he will take a stance and will go to Innisfree, because all this time, the sound of the lake waters striking the shore repeats in his mind. In addition, the sound of the lake attracts him towards the lake. moreover, whenever he is standing on the roadway or on the grey-colored pavements. he hears the sound deep in the innermost part of his heart ,


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