The lost child class 9 chapter 1 summary

The Lost child class 9 chapter 1 English Moments summary

The lost child class 9 English Moments summary NECRT Solution for class 9 chapter 1 summary

The lost child class 9 summary

The child goes to the fair it was the spring fair. all the people were going to it. some walked.some rode on horses, some in bullock carts. the little child ran with his parents. he was overjoyed. when he remained behind, his father asked him to come. he remained behind to see the toys in the shops. the little boy wanted the toy. but his parents couldn’t buy it. so they asked him to look at other things.

other things attract the child it was the season of mustard flowering the fields were fluttering over the mustard flowers. the child tried to catch one of them. but he was called by his mother. he ran gaily towards his parents. he heard the dove cooing. he had picked up the petals in the banyan tree. but again he was called by his parents.

The child with parents reaches the fair soon the child reached the fair. he heard a sweetmeat seller calling gulab-jamun, rasogulla, burfi, jalebi’ the sweets the child’s mouth watered .he said’ I want that burfi’ bufri’ was his favourite sweet. but his saying so was unheeded.

Various scenes of the fair the child went ahead with his parents. he heard a flower seller saying A’ garland of glumhour’ the child went to the flower basket. he wanted a garland .but he knew his parents would refuse to buy him that. so he moved on then he saw a balloon seller. he had balloons of various colours. the child knew his parents would not but him a balloon. so he walked on farther.

The child is lost the child then saw a snake-charmer. he was playing a flute s snake. he went near the snake-charmer but he knew that his parents had asked him not to hear such music. so he went ahead. then he saw a merry-go-round, men women children etc. were enjoying a ride on it. the child called, I want to go on the round about, please, father, mother’ but there was no replay. the child had been lost.

The child in a very bad shape. a full deep cry rose whitin the child’s deep throat he cried’ mother. father’ tears ‘ rolled down his eyes. but he couldn’t see his parents. people laughed hand talked. then he ran to a shrine. there was a big crowd there. the peopl’s feet. but he was pushed back. A man heard his cry. he lifted him up in his arms.

The man tries to locate the child’s parents the man asked the child how he got there. he also asked him the names of his parents. but the child only said, I want my father’ the man took the child to the merry-go-round he asked him if he wanted to ride on the horse. but the child said only that he wanted his mother. then the man asked him if he would take a balloon. but the child sobbed and sobbed. he wanted his


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