The Adventure of toto class 9 chapter 2 English summary

The Adventures of toto class 9 chapter 2 English Moments summary

The Adventures of toto class 9 summary

Toto monkey is bought the narrator’s grandfather bought a monkey from a tonga-driver. he cost him Rs. five. it was toto. grandfather bought him to keep in his private zoo. toto is described toto was a pretty monkey. he had mischief in his shining eyes. his teeth were white like pearls. his hands were dried-up his fingers were quick. his tail served a third hand.

Toto is kept it a secret place the narrato’s grandmother fussed when his grandfather added a new animal to his zoo. so toto was kept in a secret place. it was a little closet. it opened into the narrator’s bedroom. toto was kept tied to a peg. toto’s mischief a few hours later, the narrator found a change in his bedroom. toto had removed the ornamental paper from the walls. he had also pulled out the peg. he also tore up the narrator’s school blazer. grandfather seemed pleased with toto’s mischeif.

Toto is transferred to servants’ quarters toto was now transferred to a big cage. it was in the servants quarters there grandftaher’s other animals lived sociably. these were a tortoise, a pair of rabbits. a squirrel. a pet goat. the monkey didn’t allow them to sleep peacefully. grandfather had to leave dehradun. he had to collect Ris pension from saharanpur.

Toto travels with grandfather secretly grandfather got a big black canvas kit-bag. he put toto into. it toto couldn’t take his hands out of this bag. it was too strong for him to bite. toto remained in the bag as far as saharanpur. grandfather was coming out of the railway station. toto grinned at the ticket-collector at the gate.

The ticket-collector was taken aback. he told grandfather that he had a dog with him. so he would have to pay Rs. three as fare for this dog’ In vain. argued the grandfather that toto was not a dog. he had asked the ticket-collector how much he should pay for it. the ticket-collector said that it was not a dog. so there was no charge for that.

Toto is finally accepted in the house finally, toto was accepted in the house. finally.toto was accepted in the house. grandfather gave toto a comfortable place in the stable. there toto got nana, the family female donkey, as a companion, but toto continued teasing her. they could never become friends.

Toto at mischief again In winter grandfather gave toto a large bowl of warm water. it was for him to bathe in. toto would sit inside the bowl. then he would apply soap on his body and rub all over. when the water became cold, he would come out of it. then he would warm hismelf. if anyone laughed at him, he would refsue to bathe.


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