A slumber did my spirit seal class 9 summary

A Slumber did my spirit seal class 9 Poem 10 English summary

A slumber did my spirit seal class 9 summary

There is drifting of the poet’s soul into a deep sleep. this is because he didn’t have any realization of the truth. he had taken life for granted and had never thought that lucy could go away from him. the author certainly never ever had any magination of death overcoming her beloved lucy. naturally, when lucy died the author was unable to bear the loss.

The poet comes to the acceptance of the truth that his beloved lucy is no more. surely this acceptance was not an easy process this is because it is very difficult to accept the death of a person whom one dearly loves. accepting this bitter truth is a sign of bravery. the author tells that her beloved is now motionless. furthermore lucy is now lifeless. she in now in a state where she could no longer hear. moreover she is buried deep inside the earth. she cannot see nor hear. she is now within the earth.

Lucy is within the earth now. the author tells that lucy will certainly become part of the earth by assimilating into in. what the author is talking about here is the process of decomposition. when any living creature dies. then its body decomposes. decomposition is the process in which organic bodies get broken into simpler organic matter. this is the ultimate fate of every living creature of the world. lucy was no exception to this.

On the decomposition of her body her body will become a part of the world. moreover she will be one and united with rocks, stones and tress. Rocks, stones and trees are part of the earth itself. so in a way lucy will always remain but in a different form. the author may look at her when he looks at the rocks or the trees. the only difference will be that she will not talk to him. this is because her form has now changed.

This way of thinking can certainly provide relief to an individual who is dealing with sadness due to the death of a loved one. this is becasue one would not think their loved one has left them, rather they would think that their loved one is still present on earth in a different form. so one can a look at the rock or stress and imagine that they are looking at their loved one.

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