Iswaran the storyteler class 9 chapter 3 English summary

Iswaran the storyteller class 9 chapter 3 English Moments summary

Iswaran the storyteller class 9 summary

Mahendra’s job Mahendra was a junior sepervior in a firm. the firm offered on hire supervisors at construction sites. factories bridges, dams etc. mahendra’s job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site. he had to go from one place to another he was a bahelor. he could adjust himself to all condition.

Iswaran Mahendra’s amazing cook mahendra had a cook named Iswaran. Iswaran had an amaing capacity. he could produce vegetables and cooking things from nowhere. he would conjure up the most delicious dishesh made with fresh vegetables within an hour. or so. mahendra would go to work early in the morning with some food.

Iswaran the storyteller’ is the story about Iswaran who is an interesting storyteller he uses different effects and body langauge while narrating his story to make it realistic. the story was narrated to ganesh by a young man, mahendra by name who worked as a junior supervior’ at different construction sites. he stayed with his cook.

Iswaran mahendra had a transferable job so he used to keep moving from one place to another very often. as per the orders to his head offce.however. Iswaran would always accompany him whenever he went he took great care of his master and shared interesting stories with him.

Iswaran is a talented storyteller. he had the amazing capacity to find and gather fresh vegetales. no matter how desolate the surrounidng may be. every morning mahendra would get ready eat his breakfast take his lunch along and go for his work in the meanwhile Iswaran spent his day cleaning the shed.

wahsing clothes, bathing reading and taking afternoon naps. he enjoyed reading tamil thrillers. Iswaran’s own story of description is greatly influenced by these thrillers. he often invented his own thrillers and would tell those stories to mahendra when he returned from work.


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