Intoduction of Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design Foundation of Graphic Design chapter 1

Intoduction of Graphic Design when we look around we find that we are surrounded by a number of pictures photos and images these visual or various form of graphic design graphic design is part of our daily life from simple things such as postal stamps to huge hoardings and advertisements on clothes etc.

Intoduction of Graphic Design

Intoduction of Graphic Design

The term graphic design refers to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation. various methods are used by combined symbols images and words to create a visual representation of ideas and message a graphic design uses typography, visual and layout technique in vayring degrees to produce the final result it often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated

a work might include a logo or other art work organised text and pure design principles and elements such as shapes, colours, balance harmony which unify the peace composition is one of the most important features of graphic design specially when utilising 3 existing materials or using diverse elements

Intoduction of Graphic Design

when we look around we find that we are surrounded by a number of pictures photos and images these visual or various form of graphic design graphic design is part of our daily life from simple things such as postal stamps to huge hoardings and advertisements on clothes etc.

graphic design makes it easier to interact and communicate stimulate mind attract attention and provide information to the user in an aesthetically elegant manner graphic design is a major component of visual communication and its comparison a variety of communication medium and statutory in order to convey A visual message to the target audience these visials are representations of thoughts, emotions, ideas and reality.

while communicating if a person communicates using a language than it is terminate as verbal communication radio broadcast and loudspeakers announcements are very good example of verbal communication but if someone does not use a language and uses some other medium to communicate then it is called non verbal communication nonverbal communication takes place through visual images, logos ,newspapers ,advertisement as well as other media such as music dance multimedia and the internet are some of examples where verbal as well as non verbal medium of communication are combined

Intoduction of Graphic Design

The story of Graphic Desings

Graphical user interface (GUI) design.therefore, a contemporary graphic designer requires a range of technical skills, aesthetic sense, an imaginative mind and might, however, still be wondering what graphic designs really is ?

Graphic design is everywhere

The sun rises …

The birds chirp..

Eyes open …..

You get up on the bed and see newspaper headlines (Typography-graphic design!)

You have breakfast and you see a logo” on the milk pack ( once again graphic design)

You drive a bike and see the traffic” signs on the road (Graphic design )

..and it goes on..

Graphic design has merged with our lifestyle in a big way. from the moment get up in the morning till the time we go to sleep in the night, we are surrounded by graphic designs.

Graphic designs makes things intelligible

we wake up in the morning and see the time in the clock reliability of numbers colors of the dial everything has In impact on us. then we want to information and read a newspaper all the pages of a newspaper with appropriate attention to text, type sizes and layout.

Graphic designs provides safety

you step out of your house and see so many graphic images around you a poster on the nearby wall Bill board and neon signs on the nearby shop and many other signages and symbols do you know how many accident will take place if the road signage does not exist ?

The earliest road signs were milestone, showing distance or directions.for example, the Romans erected stone columns throughout their empire showing the distance to Rome. In the middle ages, multi-directional signs at intersection of roads became common. the basic patterns of most traffic signs were set at International Road congress conference in 1908 in Rome. since then there have been considerable changes in their design to make them more user friendly and meaningful.

Intoduction of Graphic Design
Graphic design and Identity.

It is evident that human beings have been relating to forms and symbols from primitive times and it helped them build up association and identity from earlier times people are using flags to exhibit their identity .A flag is a piece of cloth, often flown from a pole or mast, generally used as a symbolic tool for sigalling or identification.this was especially used where communication was difficult otherwise and still are used for signalling by railways, ships even on airport runways incluidng project, Institution and national identity.

Intoduction of Graphic Design

flags where invented and first used by ancient Indians the uses of flags spread from India and China to near Boring Burma Thailand and South Eastern Asia flags are also adopted by socio cultural Institutions or group to represent religion Association supports and so on and so forth Institutions and organisations represent there ideology through flags in fact every Institutions is format on the certain strong throughout and principals that need to be communicated to gain trust of people and established their identity

Graphic design expresses and Informs

every signaged on the roadside cause you and try to capture your attention in fact relatract as well as illiterate people are equally benefited by visual information or graphic you step into a bus or a train and you will see lots of information surrounding you provide providing information about everything from shops malls and doctors to festival and cultural programs in the city or town is done throw graphics graphics are useful in providing information during natural and even during a war

Introduction to Graphic Design

Graphics are used in textbooks of all subjects and particularly in geography, science language history and mathematics to illustrate theories and concepts, common example of graphics in books are maps and diagrams. graphic design is also used in desiging of educational materials to make the Instructional materials more accessible, Interesting and more easily understanable


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