An Elementary School classroom in slum class 12 Poem 2 MCQ

An Elementary School classroom in slum class 12 MCQ Question and Answer

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An Elementary School classroom in slum class 12 MCQ

Question:1 who has written the poem ?

  1. Kipling
  2. wordsworth
  3. Kamalanath
  4. Stephen spender

Question:2 what theme did the poet concentrate on, in the poem ?

  1. Theme of social injustice and class inequalities
  2. Theme of children and their happiness
  3. theme of insecurities
  4. None

Question:3 what does the poet portray in the poem ?

  1. Young minds
  2. playfulness of the children
  3. Questions of children
  4. The plight of young children in the slums

Question:4 what does the poet compare in the poem ?

  1. the young and old
  2. Genration gaps
  3. old age and childhood
  4. Rich (haves) and poor children (have not’s)

Question:5 what kind of life do the children living in slums have ?

  1. Full of love
  2. full of care and warmth
  3. hopelss and full of strugle
  4. All of these

Question:6 what does the poet compare the color of walls with ?

  1. Rotten fruits
  2. stale chapatis
  3. Rotten vegetables
  4. sour cream

Question:7 what are the poetic devices used in the poem ?

  1. Alliteration and simile
  2. Metaphor and imagery
  3. synecdoche and irony
  4. All of these

Question:8 what do the words”their future is painted with fog” convey ?

  1. No love and care
  2. No warmth
  3. No hard work
  4. No hope of improvement

Question:9 what do the faces of childen in the slum areas reflect ?

  1. happiness
  2. their aspirations
  3. their society
  4. sadness and lack of enthusiam

Question:10 what is ironical about the wall hangins and donations in the classroom ?

  1. set up in very clean environment
  2. completely opposite to the needs of the children in the classroom
  3. set up in happy environment
  4. set up in gloomy set up

Question:11 what does paper-seeming boy mean ?

  1. had a paper in his hand
  2. was as thin as a sheet of paper
  3. was white in colour like a sheet of paper
  4. All of these

Question:12 what is Tree room in the poem ?

  1. A tree-shaped room
  2. A room on a tree where squirrels play
  3. A room on a tree where rats play
  4. A room on a tree where pigeons play

Question:13 what do catacombs signify ?

  1. relevance of the map hanging on the wall of the classroom
  2. confinement to the slums, the maps being irrelevant
  3. important of the school
  4. death

Question:14 why are the pictures and maps meaningless ?

  1. they are fake and show a false thing
  2. they are old and have faded away
  3. they show vastness which is opposite to the world and needs of the children in classroom
  4. All of these

Question:15 How can powerful people help the poor children ?

  1. by fighting with the govenment
  2. by fighting with the powerful
  3. by bridging gaps of inequalities and injustice
  4. by fighting with the rich

Question:16 what does the poem describe ?

  1. A classroom in a slum area
  2. social setup of India
  3. Different mindsets
  4. beauty of the surroundings

Question:17 what does the poet wish for the children of the slums?

  1. He wish them to be happy and healthy
  2. he wishes a good change for them
  3. he wants them to enjoy the bounties of nature
  4. All of these

Question:18 For far from gusty waves these children’s faces. like rootless weeds, the hair torn round their pallor.”what do these words express ?

  1. Poor state of the classroom
  2. Poor plight of children’s homes
  3. poor plight of the teachers
  4. poor plight of the slum children

Question:19 why is the head if the tall girl “weighed down ?

  1. by the burden of study
  2. by the burden of work
  3. by the burden of her world
  4. All of these

Question:20 what is the meaning of “the paper seeming boy, with rat eyes ?

  1. Rich people
  2. Rich children
  3. powerful people and their influence
  4. weak and malnurition boy

MCQ Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer


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