Notice writing class,11 important topics Questions and answers

notice writing class-11 [CBSE]-format important topics and marking scheme

notice class 11

what is notice?

A notice is a publicly displayed written or printed information of something about to happen or that has happened it, is a kind of information meant for others to know and follow.

where used: school, organisations, government boards,

why used:- to inform people about various events, issue and public instruction.

why do we need Notice”?

Notices are effective means of disseminating information related to different issues or occasions they reach to a large .it is clear, brief and to the point.

notice class 11

Main Features “
  1. Format: It includes the word ‘NOTICE . date heading, writer’s name and designation
  2. Content:’ It must answer the question -what when? where? how? etc.
  3. Expression:’ It relates to the overall organization and relevance of the content as well as grammatical accuracy and fluency.
Content of Notice”
  1. Name of the organization issuing the notice is given in capital letters in the first line
  2. the title’ NOTICE is written in second line
  3. the date of the Notice on which it drafted on the left-hand side without writing the word. date
  4. catchy heading is given to introduce the subject of the notice.
  5. Boyd of the notice’ -necessary details to be given.
  6. Notice is ended with a closing line’ for more details contact the undersigned ‘
  7. writer’s sign Name (in capitals) Designation at the end of notice on the left-hand side
Notice writing Important Tips
  • It is written in passive voice.
  • It is given in a box.
  • its word limit is 40-50 (only words in body counted). Do not cross the word limit.
  • Information given must be clear.
  • It should not cause any misunderstanding or confusion
  • it should be catchy. appealing -attract attention at once.
  • we can use bold letters’ catchy slogans, striking word/ phrases
  • there should not be personal pronouns while writing the notice.
  • Notice should be written in the present tense or future tense.
  • it should have short but grammatically accurate sentences.
Distribution of marks:-
  • format:-name of the institution, notice, title date, writer’s name with designation (1 marks)
  • contact:-what, when , where , who, how, contact (2 marks)
  • Expression:-overall organisation, accuracy, fluency (1 marks)

Points to Remember:-

  1. begin with name of the issuing authority / institution / organisation / school / society
  2. write NOTICE-like this
  3. then date on the left hand side
  4. mention purpose of notice and details of the events (date, time venue duration, programme)
  5. process and chief guest if any
  6. other details / relevant instructions
  7. name and designation of the person issuing the notice,
  8. notice about school activities or events,
  9. write in a box,
  10. word limit 50

notice class 11


Name of issuing Authority / school / organisation


Title / heading

main body of the notice / content
5.chief guest (if any)
name :-


QUES:1 you are rachit / rachna , incharge of cultural club of new public school, delhi . draft a notice for your school , boards inviting students to participate in the inter house dance competition which is going to be organised in your school.




25th may 2018

all the students are hereby informed that an inter house dance competition is going to be organised in our school on 15 june 2018 at 10am in the school auditorium . the winners will be selected for zonal level interested students, may send their names to the undersigned for


QUES:2 draft a suitable notice for your school notice board informing students about the magic show organised by your school in aid of victims of earthquake in nepal. you are prachi / pancham captain of the school D.P.S



12,july 2018


this is to notify that our school proposes to organize a magic show on 30, July 2018, in the school premises for the aid of earthquake victims in Bihar at 11:00 a.m all the students are requested to contribute wholeheartedly and buy magic-show tickets, the cost of the ticket is Rs, 100/ per person, the collected fund will be sent to the prime minister relier fund immediately. tickets are available at the school counter. donate for the noble cause. for further details, contact the undersigned.

(head girl/boy)

notice class 11

QUES:3 you are tushar / tanisha , the school captain of bal bharti public school . Delhi you wish to call a meeting of the students, council to discuss the measures to be taken to check the explosion due to crackers in the school premises during diwali time. draft notice inventing details in not more than 50 words,



14 October 2018


all the members of the student’s council are requested to attend an emergency meeting to discuss the measures to check explosion of crackers in the school premises during Diwali, time the details are as follows:-
date:16 October 2018
venue: conference room
time: 10.30 a. m onwards
attendance is compulsory as the members of the management committee will also be present there. for more details contact the undersigned.

Tushar / Tanisha 

school captain

QUES:4 in the capacity of the president of RWA. mayur vihar . Delhi write a notice in about 50 words informing all the residents about the power cut for installation of electronic meters, seeking their cooperation

. Residents Welfare Association, Mayur Vihar, Delhi


Aug 7, 2018

 power cut

this is to inform all the residents of the society that there will be a power cut for four hours on 8th Aug 2017 from 1:00 p.m to 5 p. m the reason is the installation of electronic meters. inconvenience is regretted
M.L Varma



QUES;5 due to acute water shortage this, summer , you are concerned about advising the residents of your colony for saving waters, as presidents RWA, a , block vasant kunj , Delhi draft a notice in about 50 words to make the residents aware about the problem and suggest measures,


Residents Welfare Association, A block Vasant Kunj, Delhi 


Aug. 8, 2018


considering the acute water shortage in the colony this summer all the residents of Vasant Kunj, A block are requested not to waste potable water for cleaning their cars, verandah, driveways, etc, or watering the plants with a hosepipe. A fine of Rs, 500/- will be imposed on the defaulters, kindly save water for a better tomorrow


Resident welfare society

A block , Vasant Kunj , Delhi

notice class 11

QUES:6 you are the secretary of the cultural club of your school. the school is celebrating its annual day on the 25th of february. draft a notice to be put up on the notice -board of your school informing the badge holders and hourse captains of a meeting you are going to conduct to take decisions on some important matters regarding the conduct of the programme , the notice should not exceed 50 words.




04 February 20



our school is celebrating its annual day on the 25th of February, A meeting of the badge holders and house captains will be held on the 15th of February in the school hall after school hours to discuss important matters regarding the conduct of the program of the annual day. 


(secretary, cultural club)

QUES:7 Anil dhawan of class X-A has lost his gold chain somewhere in the school premises . besides being valuable , the chain has an emotional value for .him he puts up a notice on the school notice-board , promising a good reward for the finder. write this notice in your answers book, using not more than 50 words, try to make this notice catch readers, attention



04 February 20—



while playing in the school ground during the recess period, I dropped my gold chain somewhere, besides being valuable, the chain has a great emotional value for, me the finder is requested to return it to me or deposit it with the school office, A good cash reward is promised 

Anil Dhawan 


QUES:8 you are Rashi / as the secretary of the cultural of the club of your school you have organised a cultural evening as a thanksgiving programme on the last day of your school write a notice for your school notice-board giving necessary information about this event in not more than 50 words



01 October 20–


the cultural club of our school is holding a thanksgiving program on the excellent performance of the club during the year, the program will be held on Saturday the 7th of October, the last day of the school. all are cordially invited to attend the function in the school hall, the function will begin with yajna at 8 a.m 



cultural club

QUES:9 you are narain / namrata, the cultural secretary of kings, senior seconday school, nainital write a notice suitable for your school notice-board , giving the details for participation of students in a cultural programme to be organised by your school.




18 August 20—

the cultural society of the school is organizing a cultural program at the end of the next month. the different items in the program shall be mono acting. folk dance, music (vocal and instrumental ), skits, etc, prizes shall be awarded to the best participant in each, item those, who are willing to participate should give their names to the undersigned by the end of this month/. 


cultural secretary 


  1. you are the editor your school magazine ,draft a notice for your school notice board inviting articles , poems , jokes , sketches etc, from the students for your school magazine , sign as neha ./ neeraj secretary of cultural activities ,. SKV, vikash puri
  2. the cultural club of DAV public school noida is organising a talent hunt:” evening pt, ravi shankar the eminent vocalist will be the guest of honour . as mridual / mridul , the secretary of the cultural club, draft a notice to inform the students and invite their nemes with details . draft a notice in not more than 50 words .
  3. as the head boy / head girl of mother mary public school dilshad garden , delhi , you are organising a career counselling session for XI & XII students of your school, write a notice giving details of it to be displayed on your school notice board ,
  4. you are mrs, R. ganguly, the sr, art and craft teacher of Riverdale high school, assam, draft a notice in about 50 words to inform students about an art and craft mela that will be held in the school premises , mention other necessary details,
  5. you are seema / sumit secretary of a health clunb, draft notice for the members informing them about the change in timings of yoga classes in summers also provide other related detailsin about 50 words.

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