The Rattrap class 12 Most Important MCQs Question and answer

The Rattrap MCQs class 12th English chapter 4 MCQs book Flamingo Question and answer

Question:1 who is the Author of the Rattrap?

  1. Alphonse Daudet
  2. Selma Lagerlof
  3. Anees jung
  4. None of these

Answer:(2) Selma Largerlof

Question:2 what Game did the Peddler and the Crofter play?

  1. Ludo
  2. chess
  3. Mjolis
  4. None of these

Answer(3) Mjolis

Question:3 In peddler’s view, what does the world look like?

  1. A Rattrap
  2. A forest
  3. A beach
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) A Rattrap

Question:4 where did the crofter hang his pouch ?

  1. window Frame
  2. Door
  3. Cupboard
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) window Frame

Question:5 what worked as A Bait for the peddler?

  1. food
  2. Money
  3. cards
  4. None of these

Answer:(2) Money

Question:6 why did the peddler turn to the forest?

  1. Fear of being caught
  2. Due to heavy traffic
  3. he likes the forest
  4. None of these

Answer: (1) Fear of being caught

Question:7 why did the peddler want to be Nice to Edla?

  1. because she was kind
  2. because he had Decided to change
  3. A and B both
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) because she was kind

Question:8 how did the crofter Tempt the peddler to steal his Monet?

  1. By his kindness
  2. by his warm care
  3. by showing him Money
  4. None of these

Answer:(3) By showing him money

Question:9 what made the peddler finally change his hearts?

  1. Edla’s words
  2. Edla’s father
  3. Edla’s Goodness and care
  4. None of these

Answer:(3) Edla’s Goodness and care

Question:10 why did peddler sign himself As captain von stahle?

  1. Because of love
  2. Because of his NIckname
  3. because of mistaken Identity
  4. None of these

Answer:(3) Because of mistaken Identity

Question:11 how did Crofter treat the Peddler?

  1. Rudely
  2. In A strange Manner
  3. Friendly Manner
  4. None of these

Answer:(3) Friendly manner

Question:12 who used to make Rattraps?

  1. Edla
  2. Ironmaster
  3. Crofter
  4. peddler

Answer:(4) Peddler

Question:13 why did the Peddler have to Resort to begging and thievery?

  1. Because Business was not Profitable
  2. Because of his hobby
  3. A and B both
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) Because business was not Profitable

Question:14 The peddler’s rattraps were made of

  1. wood
  2. Aluminium
  3. wire
  4. plastic

Answer:(3) wire

Question:15 The rattraps peddler used to resort to

  1. Thievery and begging
  2. teaching
  3. counselling
  4. preaching

Answer:(1) thievery and begging

Question:16 the peddler often Thought about people who

  1. had caught rats
  2. who has been tempted to touch the bait
  3. were thieves
  4. were priests

Answer:(2) who has been tempted to touch the bait

Question:17the old man in the grey cottage

  1. welcomed the peddler
  2. shooed away the peddler
  3. fought with the peddler
  4. got into an argument

Answer:(1)welcomed the peddler

Question:18 where has the story been set up?

  1. Jewellery shops
  2. Forests of sweden
  3. Roads of sweden
  4. Mines of sweden

Answer:(4)Mines of sweden

Question:19 the old man told the peddler that he had been a

  1. Milkman
  2. Crofter
  3. Carpenter
  4. Goldsmith

Answer:(2) Crofter

Question:20The crofter had received a payment of

  1. forty Kroner
  2. Thirty Kroner
  3. twenty five kroner
  4. ten kroner

Answer:(2) thirty kroner


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