Dust of snow class 10 Important Question and answers

Dust of snow class 10 Important Question and answers

Question”1 what did the crow do to the hemlock tree?

Answer” The crow shook the hemlock tree

Question”2 what was there on the tree at that time?

Answer” there was snow on the tree at that time

Question”3 what had given the poet a change of mood?

Answer” The falling of dust of snow on the poet had changed hid mood

Question”4 what had the poet thought of that day?

Answer” he had felt sad about that day but the fall of snow dust changed his mood

Question”5 who is poet of this poem dust of snow?”

Answer” Robert Frost

Question”6 what kind of tree it was?

Answer” It was a poisonous tree named hemlock

Question”7 where was the poet sitting?

Answer” The poet was sitting under a hemlock tree

Question”8 why did the poet;s mood change?

Answer” The sight of the falling of the fine dust of snow cheered the mood the poet

Question”9 how did the poet feel in the end?

Answer” poet felt very good in the end

Question”10 what does the poet mean when he says that had saved some part of the day?”

Answer” The poet has saved some part of the day as he did not waste the time in repenting and regretting

Question”11 where was the poet and what happened to him?

Answer” The poet was under a hemlock tree and there was snow everywhere the tree was covered with snow suddenly a crow shook the tree the dust of snow fell on the poet it changed his mood

Question”12 how was poet’s mood ? what brought a sudden change in it?

Answer” The poet was in a bad mood he considered that his day was ruined but the crow shook the tree and the dust of snow fell on him his mood changed and the rest of the day was saved for him

Question”13 what mood of the poet is reflected in the poem? how does it reflect?

Answer” The sorrowful and depressive mood of the poet is reflected in the poem the use of the bird crow which is ugly and harsh, and hemlock tree which is a poisonous plant, reflects the poet’s mood

Question”14 what did the poet think of the day before the dust of snow fell on him?

Answer” Before the fall of the dust of snow the poet thought that his day was ruined he was in a bad mood but then the dust of snow fell on him it signalled something good and joyful and his mood changed”

Question”15 what is a ” dust of snow” ? what does the poet say has changed his mood? how has the poet’s mood changed?

Answer” A dust” of snow means the fine particles of snow” this dust of snow” changed the poet’s mood the poet’s mood changed from that of dismay to joy he was holding the day in regret when this dust of snow fell on him and this simple little thing brought him some joy”

Question”16 how does frost present nature in this poem? the following question may help you to think of an answer’ (1) what are the birds that are usually named in poem? do you think a crow is often mentioned in poem” what images come to your mind when you think of a crow? (2) Again what is a” hemlock tree?” why doesn’t the poet write about a more beautiful tree as a maple or, an oak or a pine? (3) what do the crow and hemlock represent–joy or sorrow? what does the dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree stand for”?


  1. The birds like cuckoo, swallow sparrow, nightingale are usually named in poems A crow is barely mentioned in poems whenever we think of a crow a fearful ugly and ominous image comes to our mind
  2. Hemlock is a tree that has all the general characteristics and benefits of other trees but it is a poisonous tree with small white flowers the poet doesn’t write about a more beautiful’ tree because he wants to match the scene according to his mood, which is sad,
  3. The crow and hemlock represent sorrow the dust of snow stands for joy as it changes the mood of the poet from sadness to joyfulness

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